How often we have heard someone say "It's human nature" in order to provide some justification for something we did or said that might be frowned upon.  It's human nature to eat, sleep, get angry when offended, rebel against authority, take the largest piece of fruit, crave what someone else has, etc.  Such things are not the qualities of the human nature.
        The human species, upon coming into being, were endowed with abilities to evaluate, reason, apply logic and exercise a free will.  These are unique qualities that do not occur in any other species.  True Wisdom is always aware that real devotion, love and respect must be freely given - they require a direct act of the personal will of the individual.  One might make a sham of respect and devotion but God, as the source of all things, can not be deceived.  Each individual enters with special qualities that make each unique - otherwise, we would all be clones.  For many years I have referred to this condition as being one's basic nature.  A child is born with specific fingerprints and footprints, which remain the same pattern throughout life.  Why shouldn't we understand that each child also enters with hidden talents, qualities and characteristics to be used as tools along the way of life?
        Yes, in order to continue physical life, we must eat, breathe, drink liquids, sleep.  All animals must do so and it is part of the nature of their being.  Even plants must have moisture and nourishment to survive.  Each individual animal must perform the act themselves - no other can do it for them.  Humanity can make decisions about life and how to apply themselves to serve a specific cause.  That cause may be deemed either "good" or "bad" by others but only the individual and their Maker know the true reason for their decision and action.  That is why it is so risky to pass judgment on others.  It is not  likely that we will ever know all the facts of the situation.
        The Christian observance of Lent is upon us and the tradition of "giving up" something for Lent presents itself - or, another concept, "taking on" a positive role for Lent.  Fasting has long been used in many faith traditions as a means of offering penance for past misdeeds and attaining a stronger spiritual life.  This is simply offering a portion of a natural and usually enjoyable human trait, eating, to the God that gave us that nature at the beginning.  The value in fasting is tempered by our purpose for the fasting; is it to lose weight (dieting), is it to go on public display against a form of "injustice" or is it simply made as an offering of part of self to that which gives us eternal life?
        Some members of religious communities in some faith traditions (including Roman Catholic Christians) must take a vow of chastity in order to remain in their community.  They offer that part of their human nature directly to their God and remain celibate.  This means foregoing all sexual activity for the sake of the ministry to the children of God.  Likewise, there are some laity [even spouses by mutual agreement] live in chastity as an offering to God.
        Yes, it's human nature but it is not necessary to exercise that nature that has been tainted by the original disobedience to God.  We need not be hostile and angry with others.  We need not take another persons property.  It is not required that we give false witness against others.  Remember that Jesus also had a truly human nature but that nature didn't keep him from completing the purpose for which he came.   In fact, he honed that nature to be in tune with the calling of his Divine Spirit.  Go and do likewise [Luke 10:37]
by Richard February 1999]