Like a child has visible and invisible features of its ancestors, every bit of Creation reflects its source --- God.  Like every human body has qualities that allow communication with the whole body, God has infinite qualities that produce some form of metaphysical contact with all that has been created.  Don't let that word "metaphysical" throw you --- it merely means that it is a reality that has its being beyond the physical but can interact with the physical.
    A tree (as Joyce Kilmer wrote in his poem) is a beauty to behold and that beauty reflects the peaceful beauty of God.  Likewise a flower, a bird and any other form of life will show us some aspect of God but not the entirety of God.  The seas, the rivers and streams, the mountains and hills contribute their own splendor to the splendor of God.  A vacated sea shell found on the beach by an excited child will portray a quality of God that can not be duplicated by any other means.  It is totally ridiculous to say all of the variety of creation [vegetable, animal, mineral -- gas, liquid, solid -- intelligent, responsive, inert] emerged from nothing to become the world where we physically dwell.
    It takes bits and pieces to reflect the Whole.  Red, Black, Brown, White and Yellow are all bits that are needed to form the physical human.  No human knows the color of Adam and Eve --- could their skin have been striped in five different colors?  Does it matter?  Of course not!  Were there multiple Adams and Eves who were all made in the image of God?  What difference does it make?
    Made in the image of God; does that mean that we look like God?  Impossible!  Does it mean that God looks like us?  Only in the form of Jesus for a short time in history when God deemed to become man to sacrifice himself on the altar of the cross to atone for human transgressions and show us the way to eternal life.

by Richard [July 2000]