Link for Reciting the Liturgy of the Hours
Instructions for using the below linked site:  When the opening page appears, note the box at the bottom entitled "How to use this site."

Select your time zone to establish your home timing with the selected Hours that are for the specific day and season of the liturgical calendar of the church.

Identify your location to establish your home location on the globe.

Bookmark your page [or add to your Favorites file] so that you will be able to go directly to your especially established link that you have just made.
NOTE:  the URL for your personal site based on time and location information will look something like this ---  You may need to edit the URL to delete anything that goes beyond the end point that is shown in the example.

Now go to the linked site at Universalis to create your personal site ---

Once you have established a personal page site, you can place a shortcut icon on the desktop for ease in going to that site at any selected time to choose the prayer you wish to read.  The prayers will automatically be shown for the current day at your location and time.

Revised: 12-12-2001