Generation No. 1

     Estimated birth year:  1790
Notes for JOHN BIGGER:  This John Bigger, Sr. is assumed to be the father of John Bigger, Jr. who married Mary Wilson.  The mother of John Bigger, Jr. is still unknown.

Child of JOHN BIGGER is:
2.    i.    JOHN2 BIGGER, JR., b. 1814, Ohio; d. August 29, 1861, Mt. Pulaski, Illinois.

Generation No. 2

2.  JOHN2 BIGGER, JR. (JOHN1) was born 1814 in Ohio, and died August 29, 1861 in Mt. Pulaski, Illinois.  He married MARY WILSON January 01, 1835 in Miami County, OH.  She was born 1814 in Ohio.
Notes for JOHN BIGGER, JR.:  I now have a date and place of marriage for John Bigger, Jr. and Mary Wilson.
    January 1, 1835 in Miami Co., Ohio. by William McKenney, justice of the Peace.  If he was a junior, I guess his father's name would have been John.  However there are many John Bigger and John Bigger Juniors in that area, that I haven't been able to identify him. Biggers were big in Montgomery, Greenem and Miami Cos. Oh.  They began in Biggar, Scotland and  about 1690 during the Jacobite movement relocated in County Antrim in Ireland. (Ulster or Northern Ireland) and came to this country about 1770 to Pennsylvania before moving elsewhere.  [from Lawrence May on April 20, 1998]
Children of JOHN BIGGER and MARY WILSON are:
3.    i.    JOHN WILLS3 BIGGER, b. April 05, 1836, Miami Co., OH; d. October 05, 1906, Boise, Ada Co., ID.
4.    ii.    DAVID BIGGER, b. August 25, 1838, Pickaway, Ohio; d. February 05, 1915, University Place, Otoe Co., NE.
    iii.    NANCY JANE BIGGER, b. 1840, Ohio.
    iv.    WILLIAM H. BIGGER, b. January 31, 1843, Ohio; d. July 01, 1857, Mt. Pulaski, Logan Co., Illinois.
    v.    ROBERT BIGGER, b. 1844, Illinois; m. ANGELINE CARTWRIGHT, July 30, 1967, McLean Co., Illinois.
5.    vi.    HIRAM BIGGER, b. 1848, Illinois.
6.    vii.    CHARITY MARGARET BIGGER, b. July 23, 1850, Mt. Pulaska, Logan Co., Illinois; d. September 25, 1936, St. Louis, Missouri
viii.    JOSEPH BIGGER, b. July 1853, Logan Co., Illinois.
7.    ix.    MARY EMALINE BIGGER, b. 1856; d. Illinois.

Generation No. 3

3.  JOHN WILLS3 BIGGER (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born April 05, 1836 in Miami Co., OH, and died October 05, 1906 in Boise, Ada Co., ID.  He married MARY ELIZABETH BOWEN November 10, 1857 in Miami Co., OH.  She was born August 17, 1833, and died April 29, 1916.
Children of JOHN BIGGER and MARY BOWEN are:
    i.    JOHN C.4 BIGGER, b. October 14, 1860; d. October 21, 1925; m. CLARA MAY MCDONALD; b. June 26, 1866; d. March 04, 1923.
    ii.    LAURA L. BIGGER, b. August 07, 1862; d. November 14, 1943; m. CAMPBELL SARGEANT.
    iii.    ROBERT H. BIGGER, b. August 22, 1864; d. November 06, 1868.
    iv.    FRANK A. BIGGER, b. October 30, 1866; d. June 21, 1943; m. MATTIE GATES.
    v.    HANNAH ELIZABETH "ANNA" BIGGER, b. December 26, 1868, Macon Co., IL; d. April 11, 1936, Macedonia, Pottawattie Co., IA; m. ABRAHAM BRADEN, September 30, 1894, Holdrege, Phelps Co., NE; b. February 27, 1867, Macon Co., IL; d. June 13, 1944, Macedonia, Pottawattie Co., IA.
    vi.    CHARLES WILSON BIGGOR, b. July 23, 1871; d. 1966; m. FRANCHESCA 'FANNY' BELLE GREGORY; b. September 02, 1884; d. January 29, 1956.

4.  DAVID3 BIGGER (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born August 25, 1838 in Pickaway, Ohio, and died February 05, 1915 in University Place, Otoe Co., NE.  He married PERMELIA "MELL" BRADEN January 05, 1863 in Decatur, Macon Co., Illinois, daughter of SAMUEL BRADEN and MARGARET GATES.  She was born September 05, 1844 in Mansfield, OH, and died March 04, 1929 in Lincoln, NE.
    i.    ALICE M.4 BIGGER, b. January 20, 1866; d. May 29, 1941; m. JOHN DYE; b. August 29, 1847; d. March 15, 1934.
    ii.    IDA BELLE BIGGER, b. December 07, 1867; d. September 10, 1868.
    iii.    HATTIE ELLEN BIGGER, b. November 01, 1869; m. GEORGE ROBERT MILES; b. March 22, 1864; d. March 10, 1920.
    iv.    "INFANT" BIGGER, b. January 13, 1872; d. February 14, 1872.
    v.    EDWARD C. BIGGER, b. January 13, 1873.
    vi.    SYLVIA ANNA BIGGER, b. August 21, 1875; m. CHARLES OWENS.
    vii.    EFFIE MAY BIGGER, b. September 13, 1878; d. 1932.
    viii.    SAMUEL IRA BIGGER, b. March 27, 1881, Nebraska.
    ix.    GEORGE A. BIGGER, b. August 1884; d. October 01, 1884.
    x.    MARGARET "MAGGIE" BIGGER, b. July 03, 1885.

5.  HIRAM3 BIGGER (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1848 in Illinois.  He married CAROLINE V. NEFF December 21, 1870 in Logan Co., Illinois.  
    i.    MINNIE4 BIGGER.
    ii.    ETTA BIGGER.

6.  CHARITY MARGARET3 BIGGER (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born July 23, 1850 in Mt. Pulaska, Logan Co., Illinois, and died September 25, 1936 in St. Louis, Missouri.  She married WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON WILLIAMS, JR. Abt. 1877, son of WILLIAM WILLIAMS and SARAH DEMAREE.  He was born 1848 in Louisville, KY, and died April 15, 1895 in Polk Township, MO (int. Ely Family Cem., Sublette, MO).
See Williams, William Henry Harrison, Jr. descendants for stories and details >>>
) E
    i.    LAURA J.4 WILLIAMS, d. St. Louis, Missouri; m. (1) ELMER "HARRY" GIFFORD; d. Farmington, MO; m. (2) MR. MORROW.
    ii.    ROSA ELLEN WILLIAMS, b. December 23, 1877, Illinois; d. October 30, 1965, Millard, MO (int. Maple Hills Cem, Kirksville, MO); m. JAMES WILLIAM "WILL" CROWDER, December 25, 1894, Sublette, MO, by J. J. Clark at home of bride's parents; b. November 29, 1873; d. February 23, 1956, Bakersfield, CA (int. Greenlawn Mem.  Pk - Sp 1, LotB, Block 32 of Acacia Slope).
    iii.    JAMES H. "JIM" WILLIAMS, b. November 02, 1879; d. 1950, St. Louis, Missouri.
Notes for JAMES H. "JIM" WILLIAMS:  Never married.  Burial: St. John's Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
    iv.    DORA ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, b. March 16, 1883, North Palmyra, Macoupin Co., Illinois; d. September 01, 1970, Des Moines, Polk Co., Iowa; m. SAMUEL WILLIAM MAY, January 11, 1905; b. January 01, 1874, Putnam Co., Missouri; d. September 26, 1947, Ravanna, Mercer Co., Missouri.
    v.    CORA M. WILLIAMS, b. September 1884, Illinois; m. WILLIAM DAVID EWING.

7.  MARY EMALINE3 BIGGER (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1856, and died in Illinois.  She married WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON WILLIAMS, JR. Abt. 1863, son of WILLIAM WILLIAMS and SARAH DEMAREE.  He was born 1848 in Louisville, KY, and died April 15, 1895 in Polk Township, MO (int. Ely Family Cem., Sublette, MO).
See Williams, William Henry Harrison, Jr. descendants for stories and details >>>
    i.    ARTHUR THOMPSON4 WILLIAMS, b. September 03, 1876, Mt. Pulaski, Logan Co., IL; d. Aft. 1930, Hannibal, MO; m. LILLIE ANTHONY, Abt. 1895; b. Abt. 1876; d. Aft. 1930.

Register Report Descendants of
John Bigger [~1790]
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