Descendants of
Burrell Crowder [1785-1825]

Generation No. 1

    1.  Burrell1 Crowder was born 1785 in Mecklenburg Co., NC, and died February 21, 1825 in Allen Co., KY.  He married Sarah Ann "Sally" Drye May 21, 1804 in Barren Co., KY, daughter of Jacob Drye and Mary Goldman.  She was born Abt. 1787 in Mecklenburg Co., NC, and died June 29, 1854 in Allen Co., KY.
More About Burrell Crowder:
Burial: Estate Salle, Allen Co., KY
Child of Burrell Crowder and Sarah Drye is:
+    2    i.    Sterling Crowder, born 1811 in Allen Co., KY; died Abt. June 28, 1889 in Schuyler Co., MO.

Generation No. 2

    2.  Sterling Crowder (Burrell1) was born 1811 in Allen Co., KY, and died Abt. June 28, 1889 in Schuyler Co., MO.  He married (1) Paululia Seamster Abt. 1836, daughter of John Seamster and Sarah Legrand.  She was born 1816, and died June 20, 1839 in Schuyler Co., MO.  He married (2) Catherine Mackey Abt. 1845.    He married (3) Margaret Powell November 27, 1853 in Schuyler Co., MO.  She was born August 30, 1832 in Illinois, and died 1870 in Schuyler Co., MO.
More About Paululia Seamster:
Burial: Baptist Cemetery, Schuyler Co., MO
Children of Sterling Crowder and Catherine Mackey are:
    3    i.    Sarah Helen Crowder, born 1846.
    4    ii.    Burnice Crowder, born 1849.
+    5    iii.    Lorenzo Burl "Pap" Crowder, born May 23, 1849; died December 28, 1931 in Kirksville, MO (int. Owenby Cem, Kirksville, MO).
    6    iv.    Georgina Crowder, born August 31, 1850.  She married William Bowers May 04, 1873 in Schuyler Co., MO.

Children of Sterling Crowder and Margaret Powell are:
    7    i.    Mary Crowder, born 1857 in Schuyler Co., MO; died 1948 in Schuyler Co., MO.  She married William Powell.
    8    ii.    Rueben H. Crowder, born 1859.  He married Mary Jane Newcum July 04, 1881 in Schuyler Co., MO.
    9    iii.    Jacob Crowder, born 1861.
    10    iv.    Matilda Crowder, born 1865.
    11    v.    Parmelia Crowder, born 1869.

Generation No. 3

    5.  Lorenzo Burl "Pap" Crowder (Sterling2, Burrell1) was born May 23, 1849, and died December 28, 1931 in Kirksville, MO (int. Owenby Cem, Kirksville, MO).  He married (1) Mary Margaret Slightom March 28, 1869 in Schuyler Co., MO, daughter of James Slightom and Catherine Smith.  She was born July 17, 1847 in Macon Co., MO, and died February 23, 1925 in Kirksville, MO (int. Owenby Cem, Kirksville, MO).  He married (2) Drucilla Hollerby Bet. 1925 - 1931.  

Notes for Drucilla Hollerby:
A widow who cared for Pap until he died; however, she had a stroke near the end.
Children of Lorenzo Crowder and Mary Slightom are:
    12    i.    Permela Elizabeth Crowder, born December 23, 1869; died 1871.
+    13    ii.    Sarah Ann "Annie" Crowder, born July 28, 1871; died December 03, 1965.
+    14    iii.    James William "Will" Crowder, born November 29, 1873; died February 23, 1956 in Kern General Hospital, Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA.
+    15    iv.    Rosie Etta Crowder, born February 06, 1876; died May 24, 1968.
+    16    v.    Cora Catherine Crowder, born July 29, 1877; died June 09, 1966 in San Fernando, CA [int. Glenn Haven Cem.].
    17    vi.    John Henry Crowder, born August 25, 1879; died July 20, 1967.
+    18    vii.    Lewis Elmor Crowder, born September 23, 1881; died Bet. 1959 - 1960.
    19    viii.    Lenora Belle Crowder, born January 30, 1883; died Abt. 1886.
    20    ix.    Augusta Franklin Crowder, born August 23, 1884; died September 03, 1884.
    21    x.    Charles Edgar "Charley" Crowder, born December 25, 1885; died May 27, 1955 in Nebraska.
Notes for Charles Edgar "Charley" Crowder:
Uncle Charley was a professional hobo.  The family never knew of him ever being married.  He would appear in Kirksville from time to time for a visit -- usually until the family grew impatient of his unwillingness to work and his impositions on them.  His absences were usually lengthy and he would return with tales of vast wanderings all over the world.  He died in Nebraska during his last "outing" and I have not been able to determine his burial site as of this date -- March 7, 1999.  History seems to have shown that Charley and Will had the same wandering blood in their veins.  When I was about 15 years old and working at my first job in Merlo's Grocery in Kirksville, Charley told me that one day he would take me on a journey with him -- but it never happened, thank God.
--- Richard C. Vincent, son of Ethel Ada Crowder, daughter of Will Crowder.

+    22    xi.    Earl Fredrick "Fred" Crowder, born October 23, 1889; died February 02, 1961 in Ottumwa, IA.
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