Casmir Guttuso [1872-1929]
Generation No. 1

    1.  Casmir Guttuso was born 1872, and died 1929.  He married Christina Monanga 1894.  She was born 1877 in Sicily, and died 1969.
Child of Casmir Guttuso and Christina Monanga is:
+    2    i.    Nicholas Harry Guttuso, born October 03, 1920; died 1999.

Generation No. 2

    2.  Nicholas Harry Guttuso (Casmir1) was born October 03, 1920, and died 1999.  He married Marie Santa Giresi September 22, 1946, daughter of Gondolfo Giresi and Giovanna Schimmenti.  She was born July 20, 1922.

Notes for Nicholas Harry Guttuso:
The youngest of eight [8] children
Children of Nicholas Guttuso and Marie Santa Giresi are:
    3    i.    Christina Gattuso, born December 29, 1949 in Passaic, NJ.  She married (1) [Private] 1970.  She married (2) Kenneth Claude Vincent September 22, 1990; born June 19, 1940 in Kirksville, Adair Co., MO.

Notes for Christina Gattuso:
I was born 12/29/49 in Passaic, NJ in the middle of a snow storm.  Attended
catholic schools for 15 years. In sixth grade decided NOT to become a nun
and pursued a career in the hotel industry 1978 - 1990.  Married in 1970,
divorced in 1983 and ran away from home at the tender age of 31 to the US
Virgin Islands where I became operations mgr at the Buccaneer resort.
After joining Hotel Management Services my assignments took me to Memphis, Atlanta, Savannah, Pensacola, Little Rock, Asheville.  Married my boss of ten years in 1990, (who I addressed as "Mr. Vincent" for another six months) and became stepmom to Kimberly - a wonderful addition to my life!
Retired in 1992 and became a full-time gardener and snack-lady to our
menagerie (of animals).  The rest is history!  [from Christina on August 26, 2001]

+    4    ii.    Andrea Gattuso, born July 15, 1951.
+    5    iii.    Michael Casmir Gattuso, born November 16, 1958.

Generation No. 3

    4.  Andrea Gattuso (Nicholas Harry2 Guttuso, Casmir1) was born July 15, 1951.  She married James Grogan 1973.  
Child of Andrea Gattuso and James Grogan is:
    6    i.    Courtney Marie Grogan, born January 09, 1980.

    5.  Michael Casmir Gattuso (Nicholas Harry2 Guttuso, Casmir1) was born November 16, 1958.  He married Kristi Lou Schroeder November 22, 1980.  
Children of Michael Gattuso and Kristi Schroeder are:
    7    i.    Nichols Delane Gattuso, born October 07, 1986.
    8    ii.    Kristina Marie Gattuso, born September 19, 1988.
    9    iii.    Ashley Rae Gattuso, born May 07, 1990.

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