Register Report Descendants for
Johnathan  Mullenix [1733]
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Generation No. 1

1.  JOHNATHAN1 MULLENIX was born 1733 in Ann Arundel Co., Maryland, and died 1800 in Aaron Hill, Randolph Co., NC.  He married SUSANNAH [UNKNOWN] 1770 in Ann Arundel Co., Maryland.  
2.    i.    JESSE2 MULLENIX, b. March 30, 1789, Randolph Co, NC; d. June 1860, Elm Township, Putnam Co., MO.
    ii.    GREENBERRY MULLENIX, b. 1771.
    iii.    SARAH MULLENIX, b. 1772.
    iv.    SUSANNAH MULLENIX, b. 1773.
    v.    HENRY MULLENIX, b. April 22, 1774.
    vi.    MASSY MULLENIX, b. 1777.
    vii.    JONATHAN MULLENIX, b. 1781.
    viii.    THOMAS MULLENIX, b. August 18, 1790.
    ix.    GIRL 1 MULLENIX, b. Abt. 1791.
    x.    GIRL 2 MULLENIX, b. Abt. 1793.

Generation No. 2

2.  JESSE2 MULLENIX (JOHNATHAN1) was born March 30, 1789 in Randolph Co, NC, and died June 1860 in Elm Township, Putnam Co., MO.  He married ELIZABETH SARAH WRIGHT August 30, 1810 in Wayne Co., Kentucky, daughter of EVANS WRIGHT and REBECCA SUMMERS.  She was born 1795 in Randolph Co, MO, and died Abt. 1877 in Missouri.
3.    i.    NANCY3 MULLENIX, b. 1826, Alabama.
    ii.    AMY MULLENIX, b. 1809.
    iii.    PRESTON MULLENIX, b. July 28, 1811.
    iv.    REBECCA MULLENIX, b. June 28, 1813.
    v.    LUCINDA ANN MULLENIX, b. January 21, 1816.
    vi.    MALINDA ANN MULLENIX, b. January 21, 1816.
    vii.    JOHN MULLENIX, b. 1817.
    viii.    EVANS C. MULLENIX, b. 1818.
4.    ix.    JAMES MULLENIX, b. March 1819, Otter Creek, Wayne Co., KY; d. September 15, 1909, Putnam County, MO.
    x.    SARAH MULLENIX, b. 1824.

Generation No. 3

3.  NANCY3 MULLENIX (JESSE2, JOHNATHAN1) was born 1826 in Alabama.  She married MARTIN PARTIN March 03, 1844 in Adair County, MO.  
5.    i.    MATILDA ELIZABETH4 PARTIN, b. January 01, 1858, Schuyler Co., MO; d. May 08, 1928, Unionville, MO [int. Union Church Cemetery east of Unionville].

4.  JAMES3 MULLENIX (JESSE2, JOHNATHAN1) was born March 1819 in Otter Creek, Wayne Co., KY, and died September 15, 1909 in Putnam County, MO.  He married MARY GILSTRAP 1839 in Macon Co., MO.  She was born Abt. 1817 in Indiana, and died March 19, 1884 in Elm Township, Putnam Co., MO.
6.    i.    WILLIAM4 MULLENIX, b. May 17, 1843; d. December 13, 1922, Graysville, Putman Co, MO.
    ii.    DELILA MULLENIX, b. Abt. 1844.
    iii.    MILES HARPER MULLENIX, b. April 17, 1845.
    iv.    SOLOMON MULLENIX, b. 1848.
    v.    GEORGE L. MULLENIX, b. 1850.
    vi.    REBECCA MULLENIX, b. 1853.
    vii.    JAMES I. MULLENIX, b. 1856.

Generation No. 4

5.  MATILDA ELIZABETH4 PARTIN (NANCY3 MULLENIX, JESSE2, JOHNATHAN1) was born January 01, 1858 in Schuyler Co., MO, and died May 08, 1928 in Unionville, MO [int. Union Church Cemetery east of Unionville].  She married JOSEPH WILLIAM MAY July 13, 1871 in Adair Co., Missouri, son of SOLOMAN MAY and ELIZABETH (?).  He was born August 04, 1848 in Monroe Co., Indiana, and died May 08, 1928 in Unionville, MO [int. Union Church Cemetery east of Unionville].
Children of MATILDA PARTIN and JOSEPH MAY are:
7.    i.    SAMUEL WILLIAM5 MAY, b. January 01, 1874, Putnam Co., Missouri; d. September 26, 1947, Ravanna, Mercer Co., Missouri.
                     [See   Samuel William May   for details of this line]>>>
8.    ii.    NICINDA "MARY" "MINNIE" MAY, b. May 16, 1875; d. May 06, 1966.
9.    iii.    PRESTON EUGENE MAY, b. November 04, 1878; d. May 04, 1958.
10.    iv.    SARAH MAY, b. September 1884.
    v.    STELLA MAY, b. May 1887; d. October 19, 1904.
11.    vi.    EUNICE MAY, b. January 07, 1892, Putnam Co., Missouri; d. November 30, 1976.
    vii.    ORA MAY, b. 1895; d. December 08, 1896.

6.  WILLIAM4 MULLENIX (JAMES3, JESSE2, JOHNATHAN1) was born May 17, 1843, and died December 13, 1922 in Graysville, Putman Co, MO.  He married REBECCA JANE CULLUM February 24, 1861 in Putnam Co, MO.  She was born October 08, 1843, and died November 26, 1922.
12.    i.    SOLOMON WILSON  "SOL"5 MULLENIX, b. March 1869, Missouri; d. April 21, 1920, Newton, IA  (int. Rose Cemetery, Putnam Co., MO).

Generation No. 5

12.  SOLOMON WILSON  "SOL"5 MULLENIX (WILLIAM4, JAMES3, JESSE2, JOHNATHAN1) was born March 1869 in Missouri, and died April 21, 1920 in Newton, IA  (int. Rose Cemetery, Putnam Co., MO).  He married MARY ELLEN WEST August 13, 1893 in Putnam County, MO, daughter of GEORGE WEST and AMANDA SPARKS.  She was born August 08, 1871 in Hartford, MO, and died March 23, 1936 in Putnam County, MO (int. Rose Cemetery, Putnam Co., MO).
    i.    HUGH6 MULLENIX.
    iii.    GEORGE WILL MULLENIX, b. 1894; d. 1898, Putnam County, MO (int Rose  Cem., Putnam Co., MO).

Run over by a wagon as a child (per Shirley Glover]

35.    iv.    DOLLIE VICTORIA MULLENIX, b. November 03, 1895, Putnam County, MO; d. September 29, 1917, Putnam County, MO.
    v.    NOVA LEVI MULLENIX, b. September 18, 1896, Graysville, MO; d. February 20, 1974, (int. Lemons Cemetery); m. THORA MOORE, February 16, 1944, Troy, KS.
    vi.    ANNA FAY MULLENIX, b. March 16, 1902, Putnam County, MO; d. November 26, 1976, Putnam County, MO (int.  Rose  Cem.,  Putnam Co., MO); m. CLIFFORD ROWLAND, August 31, 1924; d. May 01, 1943, Putnam County, MO (int. Rose  Cem.,  Putnam Co., MO).
    vii.    ARMEDA REBECCA MULLENIX, b. March 24, 1905, Putnam County, MO; d. April 02, 1971, Unionville, MO; m. (1) FORREST SMITH, April 17, 1924; m. (2) RICHARD L. HUNTER, January 25, 1947.
    viii.    JOHN MORLAN MULLENIX, b. October 19, 1909; d. February 24, 1974, Putnam County, MO (int Rose  Cem., Putnam Co., MO); m. MARTHA (UNKNOWN).
    ix.    LEONA MULLENIX, b. 1912; d. 1913, Putnam County, MO (int Rose  Cem., Putnam Co., MO).
    x.    RITA LORRAINE MULLENIX, b. May 07, 1914, Putnam County, MO; d. March 29, 1963, (int. Oakland Cemetery); m. KARL BRUNO, January 04, 1941, Edina, MO.

Generation No. 6
35.  DOLLIE VICTORIA6 MULLENIX (SOLOMON WILSON  "SOL"5, WILLIAM4, JAMES3, JESSE2, JOHNATHAN1) was born November 03, 1895 in Putnam County, MO, and died September 29, 1917 in Putnam County, MO. She married CLEO NATHAN VINCENT February 07, 1915 in Livonia, Putnam Co, MO by JP W R Hayes, son of JAMES VINCENT and LUANNA HOGG. He was born April 11, 1896 in near Graysville, Putnam County, MO, and died April 21, 1957 in Kirksville, MO.
[See   Cleo Nathan Vincent   for details of this line]>>>

More About DOLLIE VICTORIA MULLENIX: Cause of Death: Typhoid Fever. Medical Information: C. O. Thomas, MD, in Worthington, MO, attending Sept 9-29, 1917 (from Missouri Death Certificate; personal Information supplied by James Tisco Vincent) Burial: Rose Cemetery, Putnam Co., MO

[1] Of course I never knew Dollie but as a small toddler I learned about her. Her son, Oland was 17 months old when she died and Grandma Vincent raised him until my father married my mother. I always knew her as Oland’s mother, her picture hung on our living room wall and every memorial day my mother, Ethel, would make artificial flowers for the graves and we always remembered Dollie’s grave at Rose Cemetery. At first they were placed in a wooden display box with a glass window to protect them from the weather. Later Oland purchased a stone [at my mother’s suggestion] with money he inherited from his Grandpa Solomon Mullenix [I think it was something like $100] and going to the Mullenix family home in Putnam County to get the money. Dollie always seemed family to me and I have always held deep affection for her memory. Any time I am in Northern Missouri, I always visit her grave and in the late 1990’s I did what I wanted to do for so long --- replace the stone with one that also had a memorial of Oland on it. I did the same with my father & Mildred’s stone in Kirksville. It was very expensive, of course, but it was something I felt I just HAD to do. There was no place I could have as a memorial for Oland who was the ideal half-brother and my hero. I would dearly love to have at least a copy of that photo that hung on our (and Grandma Vincent’s) wall for so long but it has disappeared. I have a photo that might be it as I remember it and hope someone can let me know or provide a photo for me and my memories. --- Richard C. Vincent, May 2001

i. OLAND MELVIN5 VINCENT, b. June 01, 1916, Putnam County, MO; d. October 24, 1944, South China Sea. His body was never recovered.
[1] The first bombs fell on Cavite on the south side of Manila Bay in the Philippine Islands at 11:50 AM on December 7, 1941, local time . Oland, a pharmacist mate in the U. S. Navy, had joined the 2nd Battalion, 4th Division of the US Marine Corps, at Olongapo on the east side of Subic Bay northwest of Manila Bay.
Corregidor Island, a fortified underground bunker guarded the entrance to Manila Bay similar to Gibraltar Island at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. US forces were relocated to provide the most defense for Manila Bay and the city of Manila.
With repeated bombing and the assault of Japanese ground forces, the American troops were pressed on into the city of Manila. At this point we received a telegram from Oland simply saying: "Safe and well. Love, Oland."
Defenders of Manila were forced out of the city and Oland was among those who went into Bataan peninsula on the north side of Manila Bay. With no means for escape, it was decided to get as many of the medical personnel as possible to Corregidor in order to support that last defense. Oland was among those who made it across to the island and Bataan surrendered on April 8, 1942.
In newsreel photo taken upon the surrender of Corregidor on May 6, 1942, Oland can be seen with a white towel around his neck standing under the surrender flag. Another medic is standing behind him. The first time I saw this photo was at a theater in Inglewood, California, after I had finished my graveyard shift at Harvill Diecasting plant. I went to the manager of the theater and asked how I could get a copy. He went to the projection booth and cut a frame out of the reel of film.
The prisoners were taken to prison camps in Manila. After a painfully long time we received our first message from Oland in Prison Camp No. 1, indicating he was alive and unhurt. With that message came a mailing address and we were able to exchange a few letters with him before he was killed.
[2] While attending Oberlin College for officer training in the US Marine Corps, I saw headlines in the newspaper that Japanese ships with prisoners of war had been sunk by the allies the previous October in the South China Seas. My heart fell out of my body and I knew Oland was on the ship.
Oland was in prison camps until the Japanese loaded able bodied men on ships (that were not marked with a red cross) for transfer to Japan as slave labor. Although records were not kept, Oland was reported as leaving the Bilibid prison camp to board one of the ships. The unmarked Arisan Maru was sunk in the South China Seas about 225 miles east of Hong Kong by a U. S. submarine (USS Snook and/or USS Shark) on October 24, 1944. We have never heard again from Oland and the Navy, shortly after the sinking, presumed him dead.
(from the draft copy of "A Journey to the Light" (c) an autobiography by Richard C. Vincent)

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