Final Conclusions

If I could describe these speakers in one sentence, it would be;

"I can't believe these speakers sound this good for 599 dollars!"

I remember the evening that I finally got all of the woofers and tweeters mounted in the cabinets. I was so excited about hooking them up to my stereo. It had taken me nine months to complete these cabinets, so my patience was beginning to wear thin. Reading about the break in period of the speakers, which is around 100 hours, I tried not to expect too much too soon. Was I ever surprised!

I connected the Straight 8's to my Sound Valves 40 watt per channel mono block tube amps and my Sound Valves VTP-101i tube preamplifier. I put the Stereophile #3 test CD in my Denon CD player and fired it up for the first time. My first thought was, what great bass these speakers have. I wasn't sure if the 5 1/4" woofers could produce enough bass for me or not. It is unbelievable how much bass is produced by the Straight 8's. These speakers also have great highs, everything is crystal clear when listening to them. I listened to a couple songs and realized my mouth was hanging open in amazement of the sound the Straight 8's were producing! I started laughing at myself. I know this sounds goofy, but it's the truth. How can you buy better sounding speakers than these, for less money?

6 Months Later:

We'll now I have had time to break the Straight 8's in. I have played the heck out of these speakers and I think they just keep sounding better with time. I'm here to tell you, they will play as loud as you want them to go. I can put on some Steve Ray Vaughan and crank it up and it just sounds wonderful. I really like to play my music pretty loud. I'm lucky, because my wife doesn't go crazy when I crank it up. She's pretty cool about that.

I don't really know all of the Jargon to use for describing how the Straight 8's sound. All I know is, they sound great! And I couldn't be happier with my speakers. I highly recommend the Straight 8's to anyone. I think they are a great value for the price. Sure you can go out and purchase better, more expensive speakers. But, there is nothing like sitting there drinking a beer, looking at the speakers you built and being amazed at how great they sound. I had nothing to do with the sound of the speakers, but everything to do with how the cabinets turned out. I don't know what else to say, but the Straight 8's sound like they are worth more than the 599 dollars I paid for them.

Good luck and I hope you enjoyed my web site!

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