Science Lesson Plans that Teach Literacy (K-2). This website is devoted to providing lesson plans and ideas for teachers who want to include science instruction for young children. Here, each month, you can find highly tactile lesson plans that can really inspire your students to read and write with the purpose of inquiry. Last revised: April 08, 2006. This month's lesson plans:

Rocks and the dinosaurs! Students build a volcano and test a lava recipe. A world of rocks - Four lessons about K-2 geology and links to others. Build a sandstone model and make "homemade" rocks and fossils. Find 2 great dinosaur activities and several websites for your students.

Students discover with their hands. This student enjoys seeing the patterns in the magnetic field in the iron filings. Click on the picture for magnet lesson plans including data collection. Magnets!! Six lesson plans with the experimental method in mind.

Kindly step into our classroom.

Why teach science in elementary school? . Search engine tags, Education, Science, lesson plans, literacy. All information is free to copy and disperse for educational purposes only . Nothing copied may be used for profit , sales or commercial promotion of any kind! Especially textbook publishers! Copyright 1997 , 2006. Send information, ideas and suggestions to this e-mail address

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