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View chess games with the Java applet viewer at the bottom of the page.   Choose a game from our forthcoming series "The World Champions."   Volume one is an analysis for beginners of some of Paul Morphy's games.  Or choose a URL from the drop-down menu to view other game databases.

Chess Links:

Chess.gif (1009 bytes)  Internet Chess Club - Play chess online 24 hours a day against players ranging from beginning level to Grandmaster.  Watch professional events as they occur.  Instruction, chess gear, and more.

Chess.gif (1009 bytes) The Week In Chess - One of the best chess 'zines on the web..

Chess.gif (1009 bytes) The Chess Cafe - News, reviews, instruction, links, and more.

Chess.gif (1009 bytes) The Unites States Chess Federation - The official governing body of Unites States Chess.   Join USCF to play in tournaments and receive an official rating.  Visit the USCF store. 



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