The Links Page

Other pages frequented by Palace Flophouse patrons.  - Online anagram engine - Celebrating natural selection.  - Find out what kind of weirdo you really are. -  IQ tests.  Probably not valid for you since most top out around 190, but you might give it a whirl just for grins. - The MIDIs are surprisingly not-that-bad.   -  Where many of the totally well-read friends of Michael Nyman hang out.  - Give it a few seconds to load completely.   -  If you ever see these numbers posted - 9, 13, 24, 37, 45, and 50 - please be sure to call me, e-mail me, whatever. -   This link is dedicated to one of our favorite actresses, Marge Simpson. (Homer to Marge, who is perusing the crafts displayed on a side table at the Chili cookoff:  "Come on, Marge, less artsy more fartsy."  Homer goes on to eat the Insanity pepper.)   - Our favorite site on the web!  -  Cant decide what to do for dinner?  Let Meals For You help. - Sushi stuff. - Not a bad review engine.