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Note: All photos on this page were created by Tony Hughes. He retains all copyright rights for these photos. 

 Miami commuter rail station.jpg (81992 bytes) Miami commuter rail station on the Miami Metro line. (c) Tony Hughes

Miami Metro station exterior.jpg (88371 bytes) Exterior view of the main downtown Metro station.

Miami Metro station interior.jpg (76010 bytes) Metro station interior. It has a connection to the downtown people mover.

Miami people mover station.jpg (85344 bytes) Exterior view of downtown people mover station.

Miami people mover station entrance.jpg (85352 bytes) People mover station entrance.

Miami people mover station interior.jpg (82249 bytes) Interior view of a people mover station.

Miami people mover car detail.jpg (86245 bytes) View of the Miami downtown people mover

Miami people mover crossing the Miami river.jpg (81482 bytes) People mover crossing the Miami River.

Miami people mover patron.jpg (80930 bytes) A satisfied customer of the people mover system.