Human Relations Career Assignment

1.Know your MBTI Type and work preference areas. Check the handouts given in class for information. Also look at this website:¬Ý Print out the career information for your type.

2. Know the 3 Holland Codes in your preference order. Also know example occupations from each of the three Holland code preferences. Take the Self Directed Search at: or the Work Interest Quiz at:

3. Know your order of preference for data, people, things, and ideas from the class exercise. Know what each of these categories includes from the class handouts. Download the Skills Inventory at:

4. Take the Princeton Review Career Quiz. Identify occupations that match your interests:

5. Take the Work Values Inventory given in class and identify the five work values that are most important to you. This inventory can also be found at:

6. Identify career possibilities from the Occupational Outlook Handbook in the library or from the website:

7. Identify and point out specific occupations from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles you might consider. This is a resource from the US Department of Labor. List and identify five different occupations from this source and why they interest you. This source is in the counseling center, any library, or on the web at:

8. Summarize the results of each of these steps in a typed paper and come up with a tentative opinion as to alternative occupations that might suit you.