Understanding yourself can lead to greater satisfaction with the choices you make. There are many tools available to help you understand your personality.  In fact, there are so many quizzes and tools available that it can become very confusing!  You may or may not learn anything new about yourself, but sometimes these tools help us to articulate what we already know.

Complete at least one of the Big Five quizzes below, one of the MBTI-based quizzes, and one of the Enneagram-based quizzes below. Print out your results (you can't go back and retrieve them after you leave the webpage!).  Read and compare your results for each type of assessment. Some of the tests might request a fee for more complete results, but this is unnecessary for our purposes.  Don't pay for information, as you don't need purchased information or results for this class.

Big Five personality tests (the latest method to describe personality traits):

MBTI and Jungian theory-based quizzes (they describe the 16 personality types):

These links explain how to interpret the results of MBTI-based assessments:

Enneagram based quizzes (they describe 9 personality types):

These links explain how to interpret the results of Enneagram based quizzes:

Now that you have a clear picture of your personality type, complete at least two of the career assessments listed below.  These quizzes determine how you make decisions and relate to co-workers, what qualities in the workplace are important to you, and what jobs will bring you the most satisfaction.

Step 3
After learning about yourself and how you work, it is now time to learn about the characteristics of specific careers and occupations.  Use the web sites below to research three occupations you find interesting.  Determine the job duties, working conditions, necessary skills or education, earnings, and projected job prospects for each occupation.