Format For Personal Reaction Paper

The format for the reaction papers must be followed exactly as stated here. Students are not allowed to use their own format for reaction papers. Plagiarizing source material will lead to failure of this assignment.




Research Question: State what question you were trying to find an answer to here or what main question the author of the article your read was trying to answer.

Research References: {Source: Title, Author, Pages, URL,etc. All reference items must be specific.}

Summary of Findings:

Paragraph One:Must include a description and summary of the activity that you did for this assignment. Or must include a summary of the research article you read for this assignment. Do notinclude any personal reaction or personal observations in this paragraph. Do not plagiarize the source material.

Paragraph Two: Personal reaction. Include here relevant information that relates to your understanding of associated textbook issues and research article. It is here where you respond to the content of what the activity or article was about. Do not plagiarize the source material.