How To Study For This Course


Most of the quizzes will concentrate on lecture material only. The exams will concentrate on the textbook and the lecture material. If you do not attend the lectures and do not take the quizzes, you will not do well in this course.

We will cover approximately one chapter a week or it's equivalent. It will take approximately six hours of study time in addition to the three hours of lecture each week. You should read the text material before we cover it in class. It takes the average reader two hours to read a chapter in the textbook. As you read the text , you should use a yellow highlighter { felt tip marks a lot } to highlight the main ideas, definitions, supporting ideas, and summaries in every major paragraph in each chapter. You should take notes in class. If you do not take notes in class, you will not do well in this course. After you read the textbook { and after we cover the material in class } You are ready to study the material. Reading a textbook and studying a text are two different procedures. Since you have already highlighted the main ideas in the textbook, it is a simple procedure to review small sections of the chapter at a time. It is a good rule of thumb to break the chapter into at least four subsections, naturally you can use the publisher's own logical breakdown of the chapter into units by reviewing one unit at a time. Usually it is wise to review each chapter twice. Short and frequent review of material will help you to retain information better than long marathon sessions of study. When you review each section of the chapter, write down any questions you may have and any observations and /or clarifications that need to be made for you to understand the material. Studying in this way will take you approximately two hours per chapter per week. You should review each days lecture notes once after class for each lecture period. You should also rewrite any notes that are unclear and write down any questions about the lecture material that you do not understand. Then, during the next class period you can ask the instructor any questions you have about the lecture material. This procedure will take an average of 1-2 hours a week. So you can see why it takes about 6 hours of study time each week for this course.

Approximately every three weeks, you will have a major exam over the material in each unit. Assuming that you prepare for this course as stated above, you are ready to study for an exam. About one week before an exam, You should review each chapter in the text, one section at a time, until you feel familiar with all of the major ideas presented in each chapter. You should also review your lecture notes in the same way, review each days lecture notes until you are familiar with all of the main ideas, definitions, and concepts. You probably will have to review your lecture notes three times or more for each unit test during this one week of test preparation. This method of study has proven itself over time as the best method of study for courses that have lots of material in the way of definitions, concepts, and ideas that are new to you.

If you do not study in this way you may not do well in this course.

Other Study Tips

Begin With An Overview

Minimize Distractions

Don't do all your studying at once.

Set specific, challenging goals-but make sure these are attainable.

Reward yourself for progress.

Engage in active, not passive, studying.