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Psy 1613-Introduction To Psychology

Instructor: David Stanton
Office: E-210
Work Phone:515-3382
Web Page:
http://www.geocities.com/drstan19Text: Psychology In The New Millenium
BySpencer Rathus, 2001

Course Goals:
1.Define introductory terms
2.List psychological goals
3.Define psychological fields
4.Compare psychological schools
5.Identify psychological persons-ideas
6.Contrast psychological research-methods
7.Calculate statistical formula
8.Identify endocrine system function.
9.Define sensation and perception theories
10.Describe neurological functions
11.Contrast nervous system divisions
12.Identify endocrine system functions
13.Describe sense types
14.Contrast sensation perception theories
15.Define consciousness altered state terms
16.Compare altered-states cycles-problems
17.Define learning terms
18.Contrast classical , operant, cognitive learning-theories 19.Explain learning concepts
20.Diagram memory systems
21.Describe memory and memory-techniques
22.Describe forgetting theories
23.Contrast problems solving strategies
24.Describe language development-structure
25.Describe language theories
26.Define intelligence terms
27.Contrast intelligence theories
28.Identify intelligence tests
29.Define development theories
30.Contrast development theories
31.Enumerate development issues
32.Define motivation emotion terms
33.Contrast motivation theories
34.Contrast emotion theories
35.Identify stress factors
36.Define personality terms
37.Contrast personality theories
38.Describe personality assessment-methods
39.Define abnormal psychological terms
40.Contrast abnormal behavior models
41.Classify abnormal behavior-types
42.Define treatment terms
43.Contrast psychotherapy methods