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Course Requirements:There will be five major exams each worth 100 points. The five exams will be a multiple-choice and true/false format. Some essay questions may be given on any exam as a part of the test or as extra credit. The final exam is a comprehensive exam, covering almost all of the material in the course.Missed exams cannot be made up. If a student misses an exam or does poorly on an exam, their lowest exam score will be dropped. If a student has taken all four exams and is satisfied with their grade, they do not have to take the final exam. If a student has taken all four exams and wants to try and improve their grade, they may take the final exam, and then their lowest exam grade will be dropped. If a student misses an exam they will be given a zero for that exam. They will then have to take the final exam to makeup for the missed exam.
There will be twelve true/false pop-quizes. Each pop-quiz will be worth 15 points for a total of 180 points. Fourteen pop-quizes will be given, but if a student desires to take all fourteen quizzes, the lowest two quiz grades will be dropped as long as the student has a total of at least twelve quizzes.It is highly recommended to take all of the pop quizzes. If a student misses taking a pop-quiz they will be given a zero for that pop-quiz. Missed pop-quizzes cannot be made up. The quizzes will cover lecture material covered in class. The exams will cover both text and lecture material.

Course Assignment Exam One
Exam Two
Exam Three
Exam Four
Final Exam


Total Points Possible 100


Approximate % of Total

The grading system is as follows:
Letter GradeTotal Points
F347 and below
Reading Assignment:
As a general rule it is wise to read one chapter of the text each week even if it is not specifically assigned. The textbook should be read in the order of the course outline. It is also important to review the self-testing procedures after reading the text material.

What is expected of the student.

This class is not an easy class. As a college student taking a broad based behavioral science course such as introduction to psychology, you will be expected to be familiar with a wide range of information. You will be held responsible for the information presented in every lecture, all of the assigned textbook readings,information presented in media from various sources, on any class exercises, class participation, and class discussions. You will be held accountable for course information through comprehensive tests and weekly quizzes.
Therefore, students are expected to come to class. You are expected to come to class on time. You are expected to stay the entire class period. If you do not comply with this, you may lose the opportunity to take a quiz or have the full amount of time to take an exam. There are no makeup quizzes or exams.