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It is expected that you have read the textbook material before it is presented in lecture. After material is presented in lecture, you are expected to review it before the next class. In this way you will be ready to participate in class discussions, exercises, and/or will be ready to take a pop quiz.
If your expectations are different from those mentioned above and/or if you do not accept the expectations as stated then it would be wise to change your expectations or take another course. A student who does notmake this course an equal priority with all of the other courses they are taking will not do well in this course.
All students will be treated fairly and objectively. Where this course fits into your own priorities is for you to decide. But you still will be held accountable for all of the information in the course.

College Initiated Withdrawal For Disruptive Behavior In The Classroom The faculty, staff, and administration of Tarrant County College believe that one of the responsibilities of the College is to provide the best possible learning environment for students. The primary learning environment is the classroom. In recent years, there have been increasing complaints by faculty and students concerning the lack of consideration for others shown by students who create disruption and distractions in classes by inappropriate and untimely laughing and talking, general inattentiveness, and tardiness. Cellular telephones and beepers should be turned off during class unless prior approval is received from the instructor.