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We have taken up the "national past-time of GOLF. Brad has been doing OK. Marge, however, is the most improved player in North Texas.


Brad is an active SCUBA diver. His travels have allowed him to dive at a number of sites. Some SCUBA related notes are found on the SCUBA page.


It all began with a seemingly simple request from Cherie at her wedding - "Say" she said "perhaps you could construct a family tree for me". Well that is far more difficult than it seems for this clan. So after a lot of searching we have discovered a few tid-bits. Here is a little of the family history.

  North Pole Village - Collectibles

Perhaps we are a family of pack rats. For example, we collect Department 56 - North Pole Village pieces. Currently we are looking for:

If anyone can help us it would be greatly appreciated.   

  Jaguar XKE

We have a 1971 XKE - V12 in the garage. It is still undergoing some heavy engine work and other make ready tasks before it's summer debut. 


Here we have placed some photos of spots we have visited and enjoyed.  Hope you do as well.

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Here are some of the hot spots on the web. 

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