Descendants of Hugh Bullock


1. Hugh Bullock

Note: This particular Bullock family has roots in All Hallows, Barking,
County Essex. The oldest proven ancestor is Captain Hugh Bullock, who owned
a fleet of ships and did much business between England and the very earliest
Virginia colonies. The name of one of his ships in 1628 was the"Endeavor."
While he owned property in Virginia, Hugh did not remain there permanently.
He did settle for a while in York Co., VA, where he was a Burgess and member
of the Assembly in 1631-1634. In 1634, he took out a patent for 2550 acres
on the Pocoson River. His plantation on the Back River in York County, VA was located on the present day Langley Airforce base. In 1637, he seems to be back in London, where he deeds
his Virginia property to his son William, with a proviso that some income be
sent to him and his wife, should she outlive him. In addition to William,
some believe that Hugh also had sons, Richard, James, and Thomas. His will
is abstracted in "The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography," Vol.
XVIII, No. 3. He was "72 years of age and dim sighted." It mentions
property at Dungeonesse Lights, his son William, grandchildren Frances,
daughter of William, and Robert, son of William. While several non-related
bequests were given, there was no mention of other children or grandchildren,
and his wife must have predecease him, since no mention is made of her.

(from his will) Hugh Bullocke of London, Gent. All Hallows Barking 72 years
of age and dim sighted. I have the half of Dungeonesse lights which I
purchased from Sir Francis Howard. The half of which I sold to Andrew Burrel
which half was purchased from him by my son William Bullocke. My son married
William Lampley's daughter and purchased William Bin's part in the other
half and my son William at his going into Virginia let his part for 120 per
annum during term of the patent which has 17 years to run. To Mary Bennett,
now living in London, 14 per annum during the patent. To Ellinor, daughter
of my sister Ann Mason, 3 per annum during patent. To Mary Rose, widow,
living in Ratcliff, 40s per annum. To Bernard Smith, my deputy in Custom
House, 3 per annum during patent. My estate in Virginia amounting to 100 per
annum left me there 10 years past to my sun William and his son Robert.
Executors: John Limbry Esq. And Barnard Smith. Overseer: Master of the
Trinity House for the time being. To Mary Snow, wife of Nicholas Snow,7s
yearly; to Elizabeth, her sister, 7s yearly. Witnesses: William Walker,
James Turner, Benjamine Sheppard Scr. Proved by Samuel Burrell principal

(Notes about the will) All Hallows Barking is a parish in London. Also
known as All Hallows Barking by the Tower, it was damaged in a fire in 1666
and rebuilt later that century. The Dungeonesse or Dungeness Lights referred
to in his will are lighthouses. As best as I can determine, the lights were
near those of North and South Foreland in the County of Kent, but I have yet
to be able to determine their exact locations. There is a reference that the
income due the North and South Foreland Lights was often paid in error to the

Hugh made frequent trips to England from Virginia to attend to his business
affairs. He was present at the meetings of the Council in 1632, 1633, and
1634. In 1637 he was one of the members the King directed should be
retained, but Hugh declined due to his age and interest in England, since we
know he died in England. (from John Crow -

Was titled with "Sir," meaning he was a Knight.

Captain Hugh Bullock appears in the official records of VA as a member of the
King's Council as early as 1631. The exact date he arrived in America is
unknown, but he was an influential man, with considerable property, both in
England and in Virginia. On March 12, 1634, Captain Hugh Bullock was granted
2,550 acres of land on the Pocosin (River), "SE of Otter Pond" in York

Coat of Arms: Argent, a chevron gules, between three bulls heads, or
Crest: Five battle axes, blades sable, staffs, or ribboned gules
Motto: Nil conscire sibi, meaning "To be conscious of no fault."