Today is 6/24/00.
The local time is 8:48:12 PM.

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Fun in the Sun in Texas


With Patrick J Cush

Stuff that keeps me busy
I like developing programs.
I like playing with my dog Bear.

When I feel like escaping I can be found at the park - playing in the sun.
Well that's me. Live life, have fun and learn as much as you can.

My brother lives in Dallas and is a cool guy. He likes to go see bands. He also is a Stars fan to the core.

New House
I Bought a house last November and the fun never stops. Now I know why I liked living in the apartments so much.

Upcoming Family
I am about to Marry a wonderful lady named Clair.
She has two boys who are cool and smart. I hope they like me as much as I like them.

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