10 January 2001

Pitiful snowman

My snowman. It crumbled about an hour after this photo was taken.

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Cool Presents

I learned to do Dad's blood sugar test this morning. It appears that the hard part is getting blood out of him when I stick him. His fingers are so caloused! The gadget that they use to do the analysis is about the size of smallish calculator. There is a little wick thing that sucks blood up like those little glass things they use at the doctor's office to suck up blood.

Pretty snazzy!

¤ ¤ ¤

Today is my last day off before I begin hell week at work. I will be working the next seven days straight, from 7AM until 7PM and that is a lot of working! ..especially with Daddy and Eddie here.

I work a three day workweek normally, with occasional Sundays. I've been working Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Twice a year, my shift changes places with the shift on the other end of the week. They work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday with occasional Sundays. This weekend is when the shifts swap places, so I'll be working my current shift (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), my occasional Sunday and then my new shift (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).

I keep telling myself that the next time we flip ends, I'll get the seven days off.

¤ ¤ ¤

I got the coolest stuff this Christmas!!! Janet sent me a calendar of naked women. It isn't your normal pin-up sort of naked women, they are all in their 50's or 60's, very elegantly posed with pearls and hats and a sunflower in every photo. They did it for charity and I love this calendar. Every morning, I sit looking at it in my *new* pajamas , wearing my *new* robe (thanks Mom), sipping coffee out of my *new* Escher coffee mugs (thanks to Ellen). I feel so extremely decadent doing that -- it feels good!

The rest of my time, I would like to spend playing with my *new* Pokemon Silver game on my *new* purple Game Boy Color. Those were my Christmas gifts from Daniel. Jason gave me a Pokemon Yellow so I could get a Pikachu.

I'm having a good time solving puzzles, helping Pokemon in distress and planning trainer battle strategies, but the best thing of all is that Daniel, Jason, Rodney, Tony and Eric also have the games. We can play together trading Pokemon, battling with one another and sharing secrets and tips.

¤ ¤ ¤

I noticed when I was doing the before and after links that I have a good number of entries that I've written or partially written since I've last uploaded one. I will have to take a look at them and see if they are complete enough to upload.

I love geeky dates like 011001.

Just noticed that my first on-line journal entry was Jan. 14, 1999.

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