Transitions: A Journal of Sorts
8 June 2002

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Another Day

I've been checking my stats from time to time. Interesting, there are three things that I get hits on all the time. -- Long Fingernails, cool presents and women in their 50's naked. Go figure. I do see a lot of The Soul of a Man Under Socialism hits, too, but not nearly as many as the other three. So what is the significance of 'cool presents'?

¤ ¤ ¤

I have to go shopping today. *sigh* I've been needing to buy clothes for literally YEARS now. Seriously. When I started my job three years ago, I switched from a casual shop to a business casual shop. I had no business casual clothes so Dede loaned me a couple of outfits. Combined with the one outfit I had, I've been wearing the same three things for nearly three years. They don't even mix and match. Threadbare is what you would call them now.

Shopping is just one of the many things I've been trying to catch up on. Year before last at Thanksgiving, my Dad and my Brother came for their annual Thanksgiving visit. THIS time Dad announced that they weren't going back to Louisiana. He was right. He started having strokes (TIA's) every few months, had a wound open from an old surgery and spent weeks at a time in the hospital. In addition to that, my brother went partially blind, went schitzophrenic on us and spent three months himself in the hospital trying to save his legs. Both of them, of course, are diabetic.

Amid all the surgery, hospital visits, wound care and shrinks (plus working and keeping house for extra folks, not to mention waiting on the invalids hand and foot) I managed to use up all my time. Other things, like getting the cars repaired and maintained, MY doctor and dental appointments and normal household stuff got put aside for a very long time. A few months ago when they finally were able to get their own place, all the running from doctor to doctor kept me busy just about every bit of my days off. I finally had to make a rule that they had to schedule all their stuff on ONE day plus Saturday they come over and do their laundry and stay for dinner. The rest of the time is MINE, all MINE!! *smile*

I hope to budget in some time for posting journal entries and getting on some sort of fitness thing. I haven't lost any weight for over a year now. (at least I haven't gained any either) I need to lose about 50 lbs. altogether.

¤ ¤ ¤

Later -- this is my favorite time of day, after all the work is done and I'm gearing up for bedtime. It is my quiet time with Tom, my calming down time, my peaceful time. We don't do much at all during this time, maybe only sit around and watch TV together. Tom owns the remote of course, but I can get interested in nearly anything, so it isn't a problem. *smile*

I did manage to get a bit of shopping done -- two outfits and a pair of shoes. I'm VERY proud of that since I absolutely hate shopping. I picked up Dad's prescriptions at the drugstore and delivered them, got a haircut and even did a bit of yard work after working in the kitchen. Enough to make me feel as if I've accomplished something.

I don't always work on Sundays, but tomorrow I do, so we went to church tonight. In September, I'll be starting RCIA -- basically Catholic school. A spiritual move that feels 'right'. Just another transition on the path of living life.

Oh, I almost forgot . .todays picture is our new tent! Tom ordered it from Switzerland earlier this year (after a particularly wet camping trip in my old tent). I wish the pic showed the size of the tent. The middle part with the curvy top is big enough to put a table and some chairs in (when it rains) and still stand up and walk around. The back room is our bedroom and holds a queen sized air mattress with room to spare. The side wings can be single bedrooms, but we use them for storage. It has already survived its maiden thunderstorm trip and did quite nicely. It is not, however, a summertime tent, so we'll have to wait until Autumn to take it out again. Can't wait!

¤ ¤ ¤

Peace be with you. . . .

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