Transitions: A Journal of Sorts
19 June 2002

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A day at work

I love my job. I don't think I've ever had a job before that I absolutely loved, although I've enjoyed all of them. I'm sort of a crisis management person for a large retailer and there are usually plenty of crisis going on. It is a very geeky sort of job as I deal with the systems throughout the company, from the workstations to the data warehouse, to the mainframes and all systems in between. I deal with the network, servers, software and mainframes large and small, sometimes tracing through batch systems, other times investigating why our Catalog Service Center people can't enter orders. Downtime is almost always revenue lost no matter which system is impacted.

My work is highly visible, I'm highly accountable. I'm under near constant stress and pressure. I enjoy being godlike, working miracles and taking my bows.

But today, not a crisis to be found. I just didn't know what to do with myself. I couldn't find anything anywhere broken. It has never been like this before. So, I jumped into a research project that I'd been meaning to do. After awhile, sheer boredom struck and I was forced to start fiddling with things.

I started looking in my system logs and was somewhat surprised to notice that all of my incoming net send messages were in the event log. We frequently send text messages across the network to each other, advising of a problem or just idle chit chat. I was thinking to myself how boring my messages are. Mostly business except for an occasional "can you go to break now?" message.

I should be able to access event logs on other computers. Who should have interesting stuff? ahhh The Clan, of course!!! After a good little while, I had it and was contentedly reading their messages. What fun -- oh, a message here from bossman. Wonder what inspired that sort of response? Off to bossman's message log and Oh my goodness, one of the help desk gals is a big tattletale! Whew! Who next . .ah ha!!! My arch-enemy! She's always a bit catty. Whew, she sure is flirting with Houdini a bit . .wonder what HE's saying!

Oh oh . .word travels fast in here. A bit of conversation about how they can clear their logs . .and dangit, they did! *sigh* It was an interesting afternoon spent invading my co-worker's privacy.

¤ ¤ ¤

Bossman pulled me aside and asked me if I would mentor someone new in the department. My standard answer, "I'll be happy to!" After that, he asked me how I would feel about a hypothetical promotion. He didn't OFFER me a promotion, just wanted to know how I would feel about being offered a promotion. How weird is that?

¤ ¤ ¤

No matter how much I love my job, still my favorite time of day is when I walk in the door at home. It is especially nice to come home to Tom's hugs, something to eat and the warm aura that surrounds our home.

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