Transitions: A Journal of Sorts
20 June 2002

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The Martian

I never thought I'd be a morning person; I'd have never believed it . .but here I am, enjoying the early summer mornings. I guess it isn't really summer yet, but with temps in the 90's it seems so . . Our yard is past it's early spring blush and has moved into the mature plant stage. Our Crepe Myrtles are in full bloom, our roses will bloom neverending, our wild clematis is all over the fence and the little trees are standing there very green and treelike.

The best part, though, is sitting outside with Tom in the mornings, drinking some of his delicious coffee, sharing morning yawns and pleasant conversation. I'll never get enough of that. Sometimes Tom throws Cricket's martian around for him. It is a blue squeak toy that Jason bought and Cricket absolutely loves it. When Cricket gets his martian and brings it up to us, the first thing we have to do is to have a tug-of-war with it. After awhile, Cricket acts like we took it away from him, then runs out in the yard to wait for us to throw it. Cricket especially likes the high throws that bounce. He always attempts to catch it in midair on the bounce, but rarely manages it. Then Tom and I smile at one another, chit-chat a bit waiting for Cricket to get through nosing the martain around the yard and bring it back for the next round the tug, toss, leap, nose routine with the martain.

Cricket likes his coffee with cream.

¤ ¤ ¤

Jason was over today. It is very thrilling watching him transition from teen to man. Especially since I'm mainly proud of him. For the first time ever, he's been accepted into his older (by three and a half years) brother's crowd, to the point where they call him up and ask him to come over. These kids have a really good time playing fantasy games. They all have their books and manuals and get together on Thursday. Katie, Ben, Jason, Christy, Daniel and . . whoever usually gather here after work for their game. This week they are at Katie's house -- I sort of miss them. Some things never change. Daniel and Katie have been best friends for 20 years, since they were born. As I hear them in the other room planning strategys and inventing characters, it is almost as if I've stepped back in time to little Danny and Katie, "pretend I'm a fairy princess . .and you . ."

¤ ¤ ¤

I didn't get much done on my various projects around here. Last weekend, Jason brought his truck over and we were able to get our old bed out of the garage and over to Dad's house. We took Eddie's bed, threw it away and replaced it. I have another load of stuff in the van right now to go over to Dad's too, some of the stuff that didn't make it over there when they got their own place. I see one, maybe two big loads for charity, then I should be able to organize the garage to make room for my furniture project. I have the sander and the cleaner all ready to go. Got the paint and the (paint colored) primer as well as various sized brushes.

---end of entry ---

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