Transitions: A Journal of Sorts
4 August 2001

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Daydreams or Nightdreams

Tomorrow we go down to ten cigarettes a day. I'm sure that sounds like a LOT of cigarettes to a non-smoker, but for a hardcore smoker like me, well, it just isn't enough nicotine. This is all part of Tom's plan for us to stop smoking. A few months ago, Jeannette's husband, also a heavy smoker, coughed so hard he collapsed a lung. That incident motivated Tom to put together a stop smoking plan for us. We started with cutting back to a pack a day, then every Sunday thereafter, we drop back one cigarette. Our absolute cutoff date is October 14, 2001. I have a feeling we'll quit before then, though . .the thought of allowing myself 3 or 4 cigarettes a day seems silly.

¤ ¤ ¤

Lately, I've been puzzling over the difference between daydreaming, thinking and planning. I guess there is a fine line there somewhere. I've come to the conclusion that daydreaming could even be thinking or planning at inappropriate times. Fantasy type stuff would be daydreaming, right? The reason it has become an issue is because Daniel gave me a new journal. If you look at it one way it is called Daydreams, the other Nightdreams. It is a lovely journal, with gold edges and gold sun or moon on all the pages. The day is upside down from the night part.

Anyway, I need to make sure I only enter daydreams in there . . otherwise it might be cheating.

Night dreams are easier to recognize.

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