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Transitions: A Journal of Sorts
02 October 2004


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October Goodness

I wonder what the neighbors think of us. The across-the-street neighbors especially. They are outside early in the morning and late at night just like we are. We and the across-the-street neighbors have been looking at each other for 6 years now. Over this period of time there have been hundreds of waves and salutes going back and forth (Daddy-neighbor always salutes me).

They know we are outside day and night. They know that Tom is very meticulous about his yardwork. They know I take him lemon ice water when he is doing yard work. They know that he also mows the neighbors-on-both-sides front lawns. They know that every morning, light rain or shine, either I am out there waving at Tom or Tom is out there waving at me, one of us rounding the corner a block and a half down the road, the other standing on the sidewalk in front of our house.. They know we go to church on Sundays. They know we both work. They see the kids and grandkids come an go. Things like that.

This morning Mama-neighbor was pulling out of her driveway at the same time Tom was leaving for work. Grown-daughter-neighbor, who was in the passenger seat, gave me a VERY amused grin as they drove by. Since they were behind Tom, they had to wait for him while he stopped and waved at me

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My spellchecker tries to change the name of my mailing list, blogsonline, to Bosnian.

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I'm glad it is October, our special month. We were married in October. Every October we take a longish camping trip beginning or ending with a couple of nights at Mountain Thyme Bed and Breakfast in the Ouichita foothills. It is our main anniversary thing. This year I expect to camp at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas. It is our favorite spot so far -- frequently enough to know all the good places. *smile* I'm very sad that I won't do much hiking this year. My poor hip hurts!!!

I think our tent is the most wonderful thing ever. The part that is sticking out in the back is our queen sized bedroom. It has a queen sized air mattress and warm, snuggly bedding. There's places to put our books, glasses, radio and flashlights.

The middle arched part is our living area. It is tall enough to walk upright in. It is large enough for a table and chairs. The side flaps are storage for our bags and gear and the potty. In really cool weather, Tom keeps the inside warmish with an electric heater.

Tom has appropriate tarps for rain shelters and ground covers. This year we are adding a pole to our standard gear. Last year he added a shelter over our picnic area -- good for both sun and rain. Last time it rained there was no scrambling around trying to get the campsite rainproof. We both looked around for anything to rescue and found nothing. I was impressed with Tom's homemaking in the woods skills. I love camping with Tom.

We also have a camping flag.

October is also a time of year with near perfect weather. Cool nights and warmish days. The air fills with those autumn smells, the leaves and the wet dirt smell after a light rain. The seasonal/migrating birds who visit our feeders are splendid!

October 24 is not only our anniversary but also Saint Raphael's day. He's a special saint to us. On our honeymoon night Tom read me the entire Book of Tobit.

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I'm soaking my foot right now in white vinegar water. I had a revelation at work last week that I didn't HAVE to go around hurting all the time so I went to see a podiatrist on Thursday who promptly removed half of my ingrown toenail. One thing about in-grown toenails, the minute you have them cut out they stop hurting. I feel like a new woman. Now, if I could just fix all my other aches and pains so easily. I'm not looking foward to the dentist part.

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I joined Life Time Fitness a couple of days ago. I don't see time for it in my life so it will be interesting to see what happens. I want to be more fit and I also don't mind if I lose weight! I'm soon to be on a quest for apples as their health magazine, Experience Life, has inspired me to make an apple pie today. I've got some (gasp) lard to use making the pie crust so it will get nice and flaky and have that pie-crust-that-grandma-made flavor!

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