She is my youngest grandchild and only granddaughter. As a matter of fact, she was the first girl born into the family in 30 years. She loves riding on the tractor and being outside. With three older brothers, I'm sure she will be quite the fighter.

The diggin' dog. He was born in the spring of '98 sometime and was living on the ranch when a small puppy. When we adopted him, I thought he was an Chihuahua, he was sooooo tiny. Now, he is all grown up, not a Chihuahua, but a Chihuahua-sized terrier mutt.

My father, a retired country preacher, currently living here with me. Born in 1921, he has fascinating memories and a quite different perspective on the world.

My middle child and oldest son, born in '81, he's a full time student and full of ideals. He has a good sense of humor and is a master of quick comebacks.

My best friend. We've known one another since we were 20ish and have been through all sorts of life's little events together, including having babies at the same time. She's the best techie on the planet and lives about two miles from here with her husband(Tommy) and daughter (Katie).

He's the ex-husband and father of my two sons. We were married for fifteen good years, before the other times. We are still friendly which, I'm sure, is good for the boys.

My older sibling - lives here with me. He's been having health problems lately which have left him pretty much blind, crippled and schitzophrenic.

He is my youngest grandson and next-to-youngest of my grand-offspring, born in March 91. He is going to be a cowboy when he grows up and loves movies and books. He also loves Pokemon games.

My son-in-law. He's been a rancher forever. He's not only an excellent cowboy but can do the Roy Rogers type rope dancing and jump-through-the-lariat tricks. The Brazos river runs through the ranch -- good irrigation for the pecan grove.

Hank is Hank. Another good friend of mine for nearly thirty years. He is a one-man diversity team, with roots on the ranches of west Texas. He was a semi-professional violinist, a single parent of four and the head of the patent department for one of the countries leading defense manufacturers. He taught me to love music and plants.

My younger sibling. She is a teacher, working on her doctorate in military history. Mother of two strapping young men, they are both out of the nest, one in college, one away in the coast guard. Her husband (Bill) is a high ranking military person currently assigned to the chiefs of staff.

Jason is my baby boy, born in May 1985. Although he has a really DEEP voice and lots of facial hair, he is still my baby. He has a love of reading and an astounding vocabulary. I love his sarcastic sense of humor, although most other people don't.

Jeannette is my best friend at work. She's my mentor and advisor, too. She makes me behave myself and keeps me mostly out of trouble.

She is the daughter of my best friend, Dede and her husband, Tom S. She and Daniel have been best friends and best enemies several times over the years. Born in December, 1981, she's just a few months younger than Daniel. Katie is a full time college student, an artist and intellectual. I'm a big fan of hers.

There is really no way to describe Lois, there is just too much to say. I often call her my wife-in-law as she is
Ed's ex-wife before me. I knew her before I knew Ed and she is on my idol list. Although in her mid to late 80's, she is still looking for new and exciting things to do. She just bought a De Lorian (sp?) and a new condo. We once had matching motorcycles.

The Long One
He is the watch snake who guards our computer room. Born in the Spring of '94 he has gained over ten rattles since then. Oh, did I mention that he is a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, found here in Dallas.

He is the cat who owns us. The vet calls him 'mixed breed'. Born in March of '92, he was an adorable kitten and is a gorgeous cat. He's quite aloof and won't stand to have his tummy scratched although he will stand all day to have his head scratched.

Tom's mother, she is the mother of all mothers. After raising five kids, she still seems sane and they all like each other. Shes into genealogy and attends opera.

Tom's dad. He's retired from the Corps of Engineers, but is still working as an engineer. He's applied his talents around his own home and has recently completed his own barn.

My oldest grandson. Born in the early summer of 1984, he is already quite the lady killer. He helps on the ranch, works after school and is considering joining the Marines when he graduates.

She's my baby girl and my firstborn, coming into the world in April of '67. She is on my idol list as well, an excellent mother as well as a kind and loving person. She works for SprintPCS and is very active in her church.

Tom is my wonderful husband since October '98. He wrote to me and introduced himself after reading my bio on a BBS. He was a Carmelite Monk for many years and will make an excellent old codger. I think he's pretty wonderful, even if a bit weird from time to time.

Tom S.
Tom S. is Dede's wonderful husband. They were married on Valentine's Day somewhere around '79 or '80. (He's a bit weird, too.) On hiatus from his teaching career, he's been employed at Mervyns for the past several years. He is a photographer; his specialty is skyscapes. Tom S

Tony is my middle grandson, born in the fall of '85. He's all rough and tumble. Tony participates in sports and also sings in the choir at school and at church.