Rare Moe Howard TV Appearances 
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Moe Howard on "The Mike Douglas Show" DVD
This is a collection of Moe's three visits to The Mike Douglas Show on June 8, 1973; September 11, 1973; and November 29, 1973. Running time: 46 minutes. 

June 8, 1973
Moe gives a history of the Stooges and later gives pie throwing lessons to Mike Douglas and Ted "Baxter" Knight.

September 11, 1973
Moe reveals the origin of his bowl haircut and re-enacts the Maha-Raja skit with Mike Douglas and Soupy Sales. Moe closes the show with a pie in the face of his wife, Helen. Note: Film actor Laurence Harvey is also a guest.

November 29, 1973
Moe shares more history about the Stooges including the origin of the eye-poke and some of Curly's antics. He later re-enacts the "Slowly I Turn" skit with Mike Douglas and guest Roger "King of the Road" Miller.


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Radio Interviews
My Pal Moe
by Bob Bernet is a CD-ROM expanded version of the web site. This includes a 60-second home movie that was shot at Moe's home in July, 1973; a 40-minute radio interview with Moe from September, 1974 and a 10-minute radio interview with Larry from September, 1974.

Also included are larger versions of all the letters from Moe; a collection of magazine and newspaper articles about the Stooges; images of posters, photos and other Stooge memorabilia; plus copies of two original Stooge scripts (Booby Dupes and Micro-Phonies) from their days at Columbia Pictures. Click here to see more.


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