1,000-plus sign Pachl Hall petition

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 Psychology junior Jeremy Clinard, a resident of Pachl Hall, waits for students to collect more than 300 signatures towards the saving of Pachl Hall. Clinard said the residents had collected more than 1,000 signatures in less than a week.

Tradition, atmosphere cited for support in saving building

by Sally Claunch
 Special to The Shorthorn

 Some Pachl Hall residents and concerned students stood outside Ransom Hall on Tuesday to get people to sign a petition to keep the residence hall.
 Administration officials have said Pachl Hall will be torn down, but some residents do not want to give up their home without protest.
 Psychology junior Jeremy Clinard said residents are fighting to keep the residence hall because of tradition and finances. He said they have more than 1,000 signatures.
 "Pachl is the only all-male residence on campus and costs about $190 per month, all bills paid," he said. "I like the atmosphere, and it is inexpensive compared to other dorms. The most expensive dorm is $225 per month. If they build a new one (residence hall), it will cost at least that much (per month)."
 Clinard said residents are having a council meeting Thursday to look into the cost of keeping Pachl Hall. "We need to get organized and make sure we have all the facts straight before we take this petition to (university President Robert) Witt."
 David Shaheen, Pachl Hall Council president, said getting an appointment to see Dr. Witt has been difficult.
 "His secretary told us he couldn't meet with us until June 1," he said. "We can't live on campus in the summer, and most of us won't be here in June."
 Witt was not available for comment.
 Information systems senior Scott Baker said he submitted a resolution to Student Congress to keep Pachl Hall.
 "We want to make sure the administration involves the Pachl Hall Council in the process," he said.
 During a forum for architecture students held Monday, Witt said the hall would be destroyed.
 Shaheen said that statement frustrated him.
 "This is just one man's opinion, not listening to voices all over campus," he said. "The building's paid for, it's full to capacity and there is a waiting list every semester."
 Many students signed the petition even though they do not live there.
 Criminal justice freshman Joey Salas signed the petition. He uses a wheelchair and said Pachl is the most handicapped-accessable residence hall.
 "It is more handicapped-accessable that Lipscomb North, which has a lift that is always broken," he said. "I was thinking of moving into Pachl in the fall because of that."
  Ph.D. student Steve Watkins signed because of the building's history.
 "This building has been around for at least 50 years it's a tradition," he said.
 Rehman Ali, Student Congress community affairs chair, said he supports saving Pachl Hall.
 "This (keeping Pachl) encourages the community on campus," he said. "People need to get more involved in what's going on on campus."
 Information senior Nandini Kuragayalasigned the petition because she has friends who live there.
 "Pachl Hall is run-down and dirty, but I know people who live there because all of their friends live there not everyone can afford to live in a new dorm," she said.

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