Arts festival ends tonight on UC mall
EX-CEL affair features beer making, area bands

by Sally Claunch
 Special to The Shorthorn

 EX-CEL Campus Activities will hold its first Festival on the Mall today from 4 to 10 p.m. between the University Center and Brazos House. This event marks the end of Arts Festival '99 and is open to the public. The arts festival is an annual event sponsored by EX-CEL that celebrates university artists and their work.
 Seth Ressl, EX-CEL arts and entertainment director, said this is the first time the organization has ever held an event on a Friday night. He said they always hold events on campus during the week.
 "I have no idea of how many people will be there; holding an event on Friday is kind of an experiment for us," he said. "We're having a lot of really fun events, so turnout should be good."
 The festival will feature the Organic Chemistry of Beer and Wine, a variety of arts and crafts in which students can participate, and music from area bands.
 Alan Sparkman, head brewer at Humperdink's Big Horn Brewery, located at 700 Six Flags Drive, will speak on the organic chemistry of beer and wine at 5 p.m. He said he will bring small equipment and explain the brewing process.
 As head brewer, Sparkman said he experiments with a variety of beer-making techniques, and he is excited about coming to campus and sharing his knowledge with students.
 "During the year, we make specialty beers I design these recipes," he said.
 Mike Porter owns and operates Homebrew, a company that sells supplies to make beer at home. He will speak on how to make homemade beer and wine.
 "I'm going to tell them that if you have yeast and sugar, the yeast really does all the work for you," he said. "You need a clean environment people will like this that do their own cooking."
 He said most students don't seem interested in making their own beer and wine.
 "I just wanted to expose the students to this hobby."
 Arts and crafts companies will provide art demonstrations. Arlington Quilt Guild will accept donations for the Arlington Women's Shelter. Each donation buys a chance to win a hand-made quilt.
 Wax 'n More, an local organization, will demonstrate wax hands. Students dip their hands in colored wax, let it dry, and then get a thick wax figure of their hands in any pose they choose. Ressl said this organization doesn't have a local store, but does work at private events.
 EX-CEL will also have Frisbee art, where students can dip a Frisbee in paint, and then spin the Frisbee around to create unusual patterns on it.
 The organization will also sell old vinyl records left over from the university's former bar, The Dry Gulch.
 Three bands will perform for the event. Dealer's Choice will perform its blend of blues and rock from 4 to 5:30 p.m., Inertia will play alternative rock from 5:30 to 6:45 p.m., and Joey Love will play the blues from 7 to 9:30 p.m.
 ARAMARK will sell food and beverages. In case of inclement weather, the event will be moved to the UC Palo Duro Lounge.

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