Copy store closes doors after 14 years
Kinko's buys out Joe's Copies; profs, students disappointed

by Sally Claunch
 Special to The Shorthorn

 Joe's Copies, a university landmark, closed last Friday after serving university students for 14 years.
 Joe's Copies, which was about three blocks north of campus, was bought out by Kinko's and closed, leaving students to make their copies here at Fast Copy Center, or drive somewhere to make them.
 Because Joe's made copies for 5 cents per 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper, many students and faculty members took their business there. Kinko's copies are 7 cents per 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper, and Fast Copy Center here in the University Center charges 6 cents per 8 1/2 X 11 paper. Fast Copy Center does have coin operated self-serve machines that are 5 cents each, but students cannot write checks for them or use charge cards.
 Journalism Professor David McHam said that when he first came to the university, all the other professors told him to go to Joe's Copies for his duplicating needs.
 He said he was disappointed to hear that it closed.
 "That is bad news for me," he said. They did great work, and they are very inexpensive."
 Exercise and sports junior Clint Davidson went to Fast Copy Center on Tuesday because Joe's was closed.
 "I wish they wouldn't have done that." he said. "I liked their work."
 Math Senior Alan Capps said he was upset that Joe's closed because he has to walk everywhere, and Joe's was open 24 hours and close enough to walk to.
 "I thought it was horrible (their closing) because I use them all the time," he said while he waited for his printing to be done at Fast Copy Center in the UC. "I never had to wait (at Joe's Copies)."
 Fast Copy Center employee Maureen Zielke works there full-time. She said she hadn't noticed an increase in sales since Joe's Copies closed.
 "This is final exam week; business usually goes up now anyway I don't think this is more than usual," she said.
 Harlan Wood, business services assistant director, is in charge of Fast Copy Center. He said the closing of Joe's Copies should bring more business to the university.
 "We want to keep UTA money on campus," he said. "Any time you keep money on campus, rather that spending it off campus, it's a blessing to everybody."
 Wood said that in June, the copy centers on campus will be under supervision of Campus Printing, which is located by the stadium.
 "By consolidating, we get better pricing when we buy equipment. Our intent is to keep prices the same," he said.

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