Council elects committee, addresses new programs

by Sally Claunch
The Shorthorn staff

The Staff Advisory Council's new chair, who was elected at the group's first meeting on Tuesday, said a top priority will be enacting a fee waiver program for university staff.

This is a program that allows the staff to enroll in classes here without paying some fees.

It was already approved by the Legislature, but the council is waiting on the UT System Board of Regents to set up guidelines for the program in November.

"We're going to do anything we can to facilitate that and communicate to the staff members and help them take advantage of that benefit," said the council's new chair, Louann Schulze, assistant director for counseling and career development.

In other business, the group also elected a new executive committee.

Other officers are: Vice Chair Valerie Goodwin, Mav Express office supervisor; Historian Melissa Dumond, senior financial aid administration clerk; Parliamentarian Paul Goyne, university bookstore accounts payable clerk; Secretary Donna Turner, social work special program coordinator, and Treasurer Donna Duncan, Recreational Sports administrative secretary.

Each officer will serve a term of one year.

Schulze gave outgoing chair Walter Tenery, Physical Plant electrician leader, a plaque commemorating the work he has done on the executive committee.

"We want you to know we appreciate everything you've done for the council," she said.

Tenery will continue to serve on the executive committee for one year in an adviser capacity.

The council members also signed up for committees and will elect chairs for each committee before the council's next meeting on Oct. 12.

Tenery announced that there is a new office in B18 Hammond Hall for for the officers to use for council business.

He said the furniture should be in there before the council meets again.

He also encouraged the new members to participate vigorously in the council business.

"Bring opinions and ideas - be open with us in here because we can address problems before they become big issues and we can get you answers," he said.

Kay Hancock, Recreational Sports program director, invited the council members to participate in Casino Night on Halloween as dealers.

"It's a good way to meet students," she said. "It gives them a fun thing to do and keeps them out of bars."

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