Tuition fees due Monday

Students must pay half or face penalties, withdrawl

by Sally Claunch
The Shorthorn staff

Monday is the last day for students to pay at least half of their tuition and fees or obtain an emergency tuition loan.

Students had until the census day, Sept. 8, to pay at least half of their accounts without a penalty. Any students who did not pay by then were considered withdrawn for lack of payment. If a student pays half of their account balance by Monday, they can be reinstated for a fee of $150.

The university will grant an emergency tuition loan to any student who requests it, as long as they do not currently have a delinquent loan with the university. The loans are usually for half of the students' fees and tuition at five percent interest, and is applied directly to their account.

To get this type of loan, students must go to the Bursar's office in Davis Hall and request it. Students will have to sign a promissory note to receive the funds.

The students will be billed for half of the loan Oct. 5, which is due Nov. 1. They will be billed for the other half of the loan Nov. 1, which will be due Dec. 1.

Rusty Ward, controller and associate vice president for finance, said that a couple of thousand students request emergency tuition loans. He said that students take this type of loan out for several reasons.

"It's to stretch out their payments, and for people waiting on their financial aid to come in," he said.

He also said that students will be better served if they will seek Guaranteed Student Loans or Plus loans from the Financial Aid Office because, in most cases, the payments are deferred and it is less money out of students' pockets.

"As education gets more expensive, everybody needs to look at how they're going to pay for it on a long-term basis," he said.

Collections Manager Pat Geist said that if students make their emergency tuition loan payments late, they will be charged a late fee of $2. She also said that if students have problems paying the loans back, they can go to Bursar's Services and make other arrangements.

She said that, currently, students, as long as they are still in school, are not reported to the credit bureau for non-payment.

"We will do that in the very near future," she said.

Geist also said that if a student leaves school while still owing on an emergency tuition loan they will be subject to other collection efforts which could include a collection agency.

However, she said that most of the students pay the loans back.

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