EX-CEL group performs skit to promote
King Arthur play

Members dress as maidens, monarch to garner interest

by Sally Claunch
The Shorthorn staff

LaKisha Ladson held up a book and showed pictures of Merlin and King Arthur to second-grader Clinton Neal on Wednesday.

"I liked the dragon and the part with the sword," he said, smiling as he turned the pages.

The liberal arts junior joined other EX-CEL campus activities members at Hill Elementary School in Arlington to perform a short skit of Young King Arthur for members of the Boys and Girls Clubs.

EX-CEL members dressed up as medieval maidens and a king to encourage the children to see the play.

The Dallas Children's Theater will perform Young King Arthur at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Friday in the University Center Rosebud Theatre. EX-CEL is sponsoring the event.

EX-CEL membership director Apexa Patel said she gave children fliers to give to their parents about the show.

"The kids love us - they're still so amazed at having older people entertain them," she said.

Fifth-grader Zakary Hahn said he liked the performance but that the costumes did not depict the time period accurately.

"I told the king his shoes were Sketchers, and I didn't think they were from olden days," he said.

Pre-business sophomore David Saputra was dressed up as the king. He was wearing a Renaissance costume, a velvet hat and combat boots.

"I like working with kids," he said as fourth-grader Rachael Carter pulled off his hat. "Sometimes," he added, as he grabbed his hat back.

Fifth-grader Travis Nicks said he wanted to come see the play.

"I liked the costumes- they're funny," he said and laughed at business junior Sky Purdie , who was dressed as a jester.

Ladson, EX-CEL campus activities arts and entertainment director, said the early show is almost full because some area schools and day care centers are bringing children to the play for a field trip. But tickets are still left for both shows.

Ticket prices are $2 for children 12 and younger, $3 for students with a Mav Express card, and $4 for the general public. Tickets can be purchased at the UC Bursar Services.

For more information call 272-2963.

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