Automatic 'W' drop date Friday

by Sally Claunch
The Shorthorn staff

Friday is the last day undergraduate students may drop a class with a "W" if failing.

It is a student's responsibility to withdraw from a class. Professors may not drop classes for students. Students will not be automatically dropped for non-attendance.

To withdraw from a class, students need to contact the academic department that offers the course. Departments have different procedures for dropping classes this far into the semester.

Students who drop a class after Friday receive a "W" if passing or an "F" if failing. The professor teaching the class will determine whether the student receives a "W" or an "F."

Graduate students have until Oct. 15 to drop a class with a "W" or an "F."

The university no longer offers partial refunds to students that drop classes after Sept. 20, so students who withdraw now are still financially responsible for all tuition and fees for classes from which they withdraw.

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