Crew expects to complete Bauder demolition today

by Sally Claunch
The Shorthorn staff


A wrecking ball crashed through three floors of concrete, reinforcing metal bars and cinder blocks, leaving the south side of Bauder College a heap of gray and red rubble.

A crew began demolishing the exterior of the 30-year-old building Thursday. The work is expected to be complete by this afternoon.

Steve Miller, Midwest Wrecking Co. foreman, said a crew has been working on the inside of the structure for the last two weeks removing the wood.

The crew used a backhoe to claw away the sides of the building, including the glass windows, and then a crane wielding a 3,000 pound solid iron ball began tearing the roof down. A crew member sprayed the building with water to keep the dust down.

Miller said that after the floors are out, the columns usually fall over with a light bump.

He then got in a bulldozer and began knocking over the exposed columns one by one.

"Each building is different," he said. "I just have to pick at it a little to see how it's going to fall."

After the building is down, the crew will load the rubble into dump trucks and haul it to a dump in Fort Worth. Miller said the loading up and disposal of the building will take about three days.

Jerry Bond, physical plant associate director, said that the project will cost about $80,000.

"We have paid them to go down to four feet below ground level," he said.

Bond explained that he doesn't know how deep the building's foundation is, but all of it will be removed. The work is expected to be complete by late November.

A parking lot will be constructed in the building's place and is expected to be finished during the summer, Bond said. Residents of a new hall that is being constructed on South Pecan and West Second streets will park at that lot.

Sally Claunch

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