From Dave Claunch 6-14-1999

Bill, you ignorant slut. Like so many of your Pat Buchannon-loving, day-trading, pseudo-economist, Republican friends, you have mistaken what Bill Gates is doing for capitalism. You see his Horatio-Algers-on-steroids success and you think, "This is it! The pinnacle of capitalist success!

Let us all bow to the Master Bill Gates and hope that we may dine on the crumbs that fall from his plate!" Do you think Gates' goal is create and sustain an industry that can support YOU? Hardly. It's the crumbs from YOUR plate that Bill Gates wants. It's YOUR dollar that he's after now.

Although you acknowledge that there are far superior products on the market, including hardware and operating systems, you are somehow failing to see that capitalism is designed to ensure that the best product is the one that succeeds, not the product with the biggest marketing budget. I've said this a thousand times to seemingly deaf ears: an essential ingredient in the capitalism cassarole is COMPETITION. Without competition, capitalism erodes into an oligrachy, a collection of inferior manufacturers who force their products onto a complacent and unaware market. I.E. Microsuck.

Your comparison to the Robber Barrons is accurate, but your conclusion that this phenomenon was a boon to our country is ill conceived. I don't claim to be much of an historian, but even I know that the monopolistic-laden era of the Vanderbilts and Carnegies nearly drained our nations people of all their wealth. If I weren't lazy, I'd pull some stats off the net that show distribution of wealth back then, compared to today and I'm sure there'd be some startling similarities. You argue that these monopolies created a better way of life for the people, but how do you know? How many technologies were stifled by the Robber Barrons of that day? How many superior technologies are being stifled now by Gates? We both know the answer. (By the way, Gates is the one pushing for internet-based toasters, etc.)

It is the role of our government, now as it was then, to restrict the influence of overly-powerful monopolies in order to establish a competitive market. Only through competition can we see substantial technological development and, much more importantly, a lowering of the price of the products involved. The consumers deserve a market that fosters competitive pricing- without such a market, Gates can (and does) charge whatever he wants for his inferior (by your admission) products. And if you think Billy G. is going to LOWER his prices because he figures he's already made enough money of us, then you're a bone head.

Let me end by asking you this: are you 100% compliant on all your software? Did you pay Gates for each copy of Windows you are running on all your machines? Add up all those dollars you (supposedly) spent and throw in the money you're spending to gain MCSE "blessing" from Bill. Now compare that to the cost of Linux and compare the quality of the two products, their licensing approaches (open source), and tell me (with a straight face if you can) that Mr. Bill is the best thing to ever happen to the computer industry.

[I purposely mispelled dozens of words in this document JUST to piss you off. Including the word "mispelled".]