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Welcome to JonesLand!

The Savvy Stories are going to be down for a while. Iím changing servers after 15 years, and there have been many huge developments which need to be added to the story. Once I get it all revised and moved to a new domain, you will once again have access to The Savvy Stories, The Desperado Stories, as well as After Savvy Stories. Itís hard to believe that 27 years have gone by since Savvy broke up. In just the past few years, weíve lost many dear friends and loved ones from the Savvy days. An epilogue will be added to address those that are no longer with us. I also need to include the fact that Savvy guitarist, Rich Mauch, who died last year, was recently inducted into the Fort Worth Weekly Hall Of Fame. So much has happened and I need to get busy on whipping this back into shape. I donít know how long this is going to take, but hopefully it will happen in my lifetime!Steve Jones




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