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The Savvy Story

   by Steve Jones
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Savvy's Nightclub smelled of bar puke and stale cigarette smoke.  Man, how I loved that place! It was practically my home from the time cousin RJ and I joined the band in 1979 until we disbanded for the final time in April of 1985.  The diaries I kept of our antics documented much of the North Texas music scene during that time.  In addition to the rich history, the story has plenty of drama, comedy, and tragedy.  There were celebrity cameos, brushes with the law, parking lot murders, Playboy Bunnies, friendships, and feuds.  At long last, it is all here for public consumption and scrutiny.

Driving along in my '67 Comet with 'Smoke On the Water' blasting from the 8 track, my dreams for the future seemed impossible; I fantasized about jamming with my favorite rock and roll legends, cutting albums with a band in a real recording studio, and having pretty girls smile at me, instead of turning up their noses.  Strangely enough, it all came true.  And while I wouldn't change it for the world, I did learn to be careful what I wished for in the future.

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                                                  Savvy photo from the cover of the Made In Texas Album - circa 1982  (back left to right):
                                                  Rick Miller, Steve Jones, Ricky Lynn Gregg, RJ Jones, Rich Mauch (front): Dan Kostura

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