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Barbie® Dolls Alphabetized from N-Z

I've added over 100 hard-to-find dolls (like Silkstones and the Coca-Cola series, plus many others) to my website.

Aunt Barbie's Dolls and Collectibles Shoppe (www.abdolls.com) features one of the most extensive collections of hard-to-find Barbie Dolls and other Barbie Doll merchandise on the Internet as well as Beanies. We also feature Mattel-produced Disney dolls, other collectible dolls, Enesco Barbie products, and collectible GI Joe action figures by Hasbro.

Have fun shopping for unique treasures for Barbie fans of all ages!

Click here for PDF file of over 250 Barbie and friends dolls for sale from Aunt Barbie's Dolls. Includes dolls not listed on this website.
This file is viewable with the free Adobe Reader available from get.adobe.com/reader/

Click on the highlighted/underlined names below to view a scan of the actual doll. Please ask about the condition of the doll/box if doll/box condition is important to you. Dolls are in never removed from box (NRFB) condition unless otherwise specified. Note that I generally have only one of each doll listed. Prices do not include states sales tax if you live in Texas. PayPal "buttons" include shipping for a single item only within the USA. Please e-mail me if you need to find out an international shipping price or a shipping price for multiple items.

Click on How to Order for information on placing an order. Feel free to call (281) 265-0466 from 11 AM to 11 PM CST if you have questions about ordering or need additional information about a doll.

** Please note that I am NOT interested in purchasing other Barbie dolls/collections at this time.**
(I will not reply to e-mails asking if I would like to buy dolls.)

List updated 11/26/13 11:31 PM. Sale prices effective January 1, 2012.

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Barbie® Dolls and Friends (N-Z)
Barbie Name
Price ($US)*

(Buttons include USA shipping only)

Penney's Enchanted Evening Barbie Doll (1991)


Peppermint Girl Kelly Doll (2001)


Pet Doctor Barbie Doll - Brunette, Target exclusive (1996) $30.00
Potty Training Kelly Doll Gift Set (1996) $14.00
Radio Shack Earring Magic Barbie Doll Software Pak - (1991) HTF $20.00
Red Hot Diva Barbie Doll (2002)


Russell Stover Easter Barbie Doll with pink gingham shorts in basket with candy (1995)
Russell Stover Easter Barbie Doll with pink dress or multi-color pastel dress in basket with candy (1996)
Sam's Club Party Sensation Barbie Doll (1990) $35.00
Sam's Club Seasons Greetings Barbie Doll (1994) $25.00
Sam's Club Winter Fantasy Barbie Doll - brunette - 1st edition (1995) $15.00
Sear's 2004 Holiday Barbie - Burgundy dress $50.00
Sear's 2005 Holiday Barbie Doll by Bob Mackie - Green dress $75.00
Sears Evening Flame Barbie Doll (1995) $19.00
Sears Ribbon & Roses Barbie Doll (1994) $20.00
Secret Hearts Ken Doll (1992)


Service Merchandise Blue Rhapsody Barbie Doll (1991)
Silken Flame Barbie Doll (1997) - Ginger-haired bubble cut


Snow Princess Barbie Doll (1994) - Mint, no box


Snowman Tommy Doll (2001) - Target exclusive $7.00
Soda Fountain Sweetheart Barbie Doll (1996) - First in series $100.00
Spiegel Theater Elegance Barbie Doll (1994)


Star Trek Barbie Doll & Ken Doll Gift Set (1996)
Starlight Waltz Barbie Doll - Brunette - From Disney World Teddy Bear and Doll Convention, LE 1,500 (1995)
Suburban Shopper Barbie Doll (2000) - Reproduction $159.00
Summer Splendor Barbie Doll (1996) $45.00
Swan Lake Liana as the Feisty Fox (from Barbie of Swan Lake) (2003) $10.00
Switzerland (Swiss) Barbie Doll - Dolls of the World Series - Mint, no box (1983) $20.00
Target Easter Eggie Melody Doll - as Lamb (2001) $8.00
Target Halloween Party Tommy is a Scarecrow Doll (2002) $9.00
Target Home for the Holidays Barbie Doll (2001) $20.00
Target My Li'l Valentine Kelly Doll (2001) $10.00
Target Snowman Tommy Doll (2001) $10.00
Target Valentine Friends Kelly and Marisa Gift Set (2000)


Tennis Lorena Doll (1999)- Friend of Kelly


TRU Got Milk? Barbie Doll (1995) $20.00
TRU Harley-Davidson Barbie Doll - Third in series (1998) $50.00
TRU Harley-Davidson Ken Doll  (1998)- First in series - HTF $60.00
Vanna White Gold doll (1996) (not a Barbie doll) in display case $20.00
Vanna White Platinum doll (1996) (not a Barbie doll) in display case $20.00
Vedes Star Barbie Doll (1993) - From Europe
Water Lily Barbie Doll (1997) - Monet


Water Rhapsody Barbie Doll (1998)


Wedding Party Porcelain Barbie Doll (1988)- Limited edition 10,000 - HTF
Western Stampin' Tara Lynn Doll (1993) $35.00
Whispering Wind Barbie Doll (1998) $45.00
Wholesale Club Winter Fantasy Barbie Doll (1995) - Brunette, 1st edition


Wholesale Club Winter Royale Barbie Doll (1993) - HTF $30.00
Winter Princess Barbie Doll (1993) - 1st in series $99.00
Ken as Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz (1996) $55.00
Ken as Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz (1996) $40.00
Ken as Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz (1996) $35.00
Wizard of Oz Kelly as Lullaby Munchkin doll (1999) $15.00

*Price does not include shipping. However, the PayPal button to the right does include S/H/I for USA shipments only.

Don't forget to check out the first page of my Barbie doll for sale list for nearly 100 additional dolls.

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