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What are our customers saying about Aunt Barbie's Dolls?

Here's a sample of recent e-mails...

Hi Barbara, this is Alfonso from Italy!! ^_^

I want to let you know I received the Ariel doll today!!! Thanks so much for everything: fortunately for me, she came in very beautiful condition!! I am so happy for this purchase!! :)
I really appreciated it was well wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded by lots of packing peanuts!!!

It was such a pleasure to deal with you and I will be purchasing from you again!!

God bless you and your family,
greetings from Italy,

-Alfonso in Italy

Thank you so much for the package!! It was like receiving a care package from mom, LOL!! I have searched for my barbies and accessories, and believe me there were a lot, but no success. I am so heartbroken! I wanted to pass those onto my daughter, plus there are things that I can't find at all. Like they never existed...it's soo sad.

I was on your site again and saw a ton of other things I am interested in. I will be contacting you sometime soon!! 

You are soo sweet and I thank you for your kind service! I believe the package came on Monday, that is pretty speedy!! Thanks again!

-Michelle in WA

Hi Aunt Barbie,

The dolls came today and they look fantastic. They are in great shape. Thank you so much. I will definitely browse your website again. Thanks so much. I will be adding your web site to my bookmarks for faster access.

-Natalie in Canada

Hi Barb - I got the dolls - they are GREAT. Thanks so much. I hope to do more business with you once I save up some more $$. Thanks again.

-Pat in New Hampshire

When I asked Pat if I could use her e-mail on my site, she replied as follows: "Of course, I don't mind. Your dolls are in mint condition and are reasonably priced. You are a very nice and reputable Barbie dealer. I have NOTHING negative to say about any of the dolls or our dealings. It has been a pleasure to do business with you."


Updated 12/27/12 04:48 PM.

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