Ringo The Painter

Ringo is shown here with the artwork he designed for Discover Card's "Private Issue" campaign. Discover asked Ringo, actress Jane Seymour, and Olympic gold-medalist Florence Joyner to do original works for the campaign. The three's paintings were sold at auction in mid-July at the Guggenheim Museum, the proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation that benefits terminally ill children. Ringo's work fetched a respectable $33,000. The three paintings raised a total of $63,000 for the charity.

"I'm not good at figurative painting. If I paint you it'll never look like you. The people in my paintings, I call them `my people.' Or it is very abstract. ... I didn't use a brush, just paint out of the tube. It was pretty exciting," Ringo told Mary Campbell of The Associated Press.

"As a painter, he was inspired by his first wife, Maureen, who was perhaps the finest all-round artist within The Beatles's close-knit group. Often working together at their comfortable Weybridge home, the couple explored many artistic forms, including photo collage, oil painting, drawing, and even a little rudimentary modeling in clay." - from The Beatles: A Celebration by Geoffrey Giuliano (1986, reissued 1992).

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